Delayed to 2023, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Drops PS4 and Xbox One Versions

Main lesson of communicated released for the occasion, Nacon and KT Racing have decided to abandon the PS4 and Xbox One on the side of the road to focus on modern technologies. However, the game still seems to be in development on Switch, in addition to the essential PS5, Xbox Series and PC. We also learn that beta tests will be organized before the game is released, but without revealing any window or platform. While waiting to finally discover what the Nacon studio can do with its limited resources, KT Racing offers us these two new illustrations reflecting the rivalry between the two factions that will compete in the game: the Streets who bathe in an underground night culture and the Sharps with more VIP and sophisticated tastes.

Test Drive Unlimited is more than just a racing game, it’s a game about having fun driving your car, the car that reflects your style and the one you have chosen among all the others. Buying a car from a dealership, listening to the radio while driving, raising the sunroof when the rain stops, using the turn signals correctly, and even just opening the window are all details that millions of gamers have fallen in love with. Our goal is to meet these expectations and stay true to the DNA of the franchise by including all these details. But we also want to go further and offer new experiences. We want to make the whole of Hong Kong Island and its 550 km of roads a limitless playground where the fun never stops“, summarizes the development team.