DEATHRUN TV – The bloody roguelike will be released in early June on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

If you are in lack of roguelike in twin-stick mode, a new title is likely to satisfy you in the coming weeks. Announced at E3 2021, DEATHRUN TV has just gotten a new trailer published by Merge Games and developer Laser Dog. Expected on Nintendo Switch and competing media, the title will be officially available from January 1, 2022 on the console’s eShop.

With tons of weapons, fast-paced action, and loads of insanely powerful mutations to unlock, you’ll need to survive swarms of rabid mutants to progress and level up. Two-stick bullet hell action will test your reflexes in every arena.

  • Fight Epic Bosses – Meet Eyeball, Zangbeef the Bear Wrestler, Elite Guard and many more. A variety of unique and crazy bosses await you, resulting in intense and challenging battles!
  • Twitch integration for hilarious streams – DEATHRUN TV brings streamers and their audience closer together with crazy and addictive Twitch integrations that allow viewers to type various crazy commands in chat to trigger in-game events. even bigger? Or will they lead you to your downfall by unleashing a horde of monsters on you?
  • Get Likes, Mutations, Get Stronger – Get those precious likes and increase your likeability by being rewarded with an ever-growing list of mutations for you to choose from, including explosive bodies and big heads.
  • Unlock Cool Weapons – Cutting-edge studio and proprietary technology will reanimate your body ensuring you can try again and again and again and again… Each round offers new challenges and new opportunities to gain notoriety, you’ll also unlock crazy cool new weapons every time you die!
  • Burn it all! – Have you always dreamed of cooking monsters on the barbecue? If so, you have come to the right game show.
  • Escape before it’s too late – At the end of each room, deadly traps and explosives will start falling, so hurry out before the studio self-destructs and takes you with it!