Deathloop will have a “Clockwork Campaign” in reference to Dishonored 2

Deathloop will have a "Clockwork Campaign" in reference to Dishonored 2

A few days back on Twitch, NoFrag conducted an interview with Deathloops Director: Dinga Bakaba along with Art Director: Sébastien Mitton, and the Audio Director: Michel Tremouiller. The developers talked about the game’s plot, weapons and other things.

The action takes place in the 60s of a chronic world on Blackreef, an island in the Faroe Islands, in which a paranormal phenomenon has allowed a private organization to create a time loop. Its purpose is to bring eternal youth to life for its inhabitants who have been recruited for the occasion. It’s a never-ending party that the hero, Colt, is going to seek to complete.

In the interview, the developers also mentioned that they wanted the game to feel like ‘Dishonored with guns’

In the gameplay trailers, the feeling is like a “Dishonored with guns” and that’s exactly what they wanted. But such fluidity will probably not be possible from the start because the hero will be very weak. You will first have to find new weapons and powers to become a little more badass.

Dan Todd, the level designer of the Mechanical Manor in Dishonored 2, works on all Deathloop maps. According to him, they created with the lead designer, a “Mechanical Campaign”, in reference to the previous game. Hopefully, this is not just marketing talk, because the level cited remains in the annals of the best levels of single-player games.

Now, the above snippet is a messy translation from the NoFrag’s French article to English. The above referenced ‘Mechanical Manor’ is actually the article referring to the Clockwork Mansion mission from Dishonored 2. By that logic, ‘Clockwork Campaign’ makes more sense as a word than ‘Mechanical Campaign’.

The complete interview can be viewed from the 3 hours 17 minutes mark in the below video.


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