Deathloop: Game Update 1 with PS5 Feature Improvements and More – Changelog

Deathloop: Game Update 1 with PS5 Feature Improvements and More - Changelog

Bethesda has released an update for “Deathloop” that brings the recently released title up to date. In the case of the PS5 version, the update is 5 GB in size. PC players must load 11 GB onto the hard drive.

Various improvements have been made with “Game Update 1”. For example, the user interface received an HDR calibration and a message appears at the edge of the image if the connection is poor. A bug has also been fixed that caused glitches to sometimes occur during kills when playing as Julianna. Below you can see the changelog for the PS5 version of “Deathloop”:

Changelog for Game Update 1

An HDR calibration has been added to the UI options. Performance and stability with activated ray tracing have been improved. Pathfinding and reactions of the NPC towards the player have been improved. If the connection quality is poor, a message appears at the top right of the screen (similar to a speedometer with an exclamation mark). The content of PS5 activities and game help systems has been improved. The vibration of the DualSense wireless controller has been improved. The quality of the audio mix has been increased. Laser mines, guns, and fireworks now behave correctly for Colt and Julianna players. Errors in the activation of the trophies “Oops” and “In Adam’s and Eva costume” have been fixed. A bug has been fixed that sometimes reset Colt’s progress, even if the player confirmed with “No”. Fixed a crash issue that would occur when a player unlocked a Mastery Using Havoc as Julianna. Aleksis Dorsey’s reactions have been reworked to make it easier to identify him among the partygoers. Fixed a bug that caused glitches to sometimes occur on kills when playing as Julianna. Julianna’s actions no longer directly unlock trophies for Colt. Julianna players no longer hear conversations over the radio that were meant for Colt only. Fixed a problem that occurred when leaning (inputs are no longer sporadically ignored).

If you also want to know what happened with the PC version of “Deathloop”, then you will be on the official website of Bethesda find it.

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