Deathloop 2 teased by Jason Kelley, the voice actor behind Colt Vahn | XboxOne

Available since September 14 on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam, Deathloop may well be entitled to a sequel according to Jason Kelley’s words. This information is still to be taken with a grain of salt.

Deathloop 2 teased?

Colt Vahn’s voice actor, protagonist of Arkane Lyon’s latest game, claimed to be working on a new game. Indeed, we can find on his Twitter a photo of him in the studio with hashtags in honor of Deatloop and Colt . He also says he is impatient to share all this.

A user of the social network hastened to ask him if he is working on a DLC, to which the voice actor replied in the negative, adding that he is lending his voice for a new game!

Nooop. New title. That’s all I can say… nes.

Of course, his nondisclosure agreement prevents him from saying more, although he’s already been pretty explicit through those two tweets. Insofar as the first game has not even blown its first candle yet, it seems obvious that we will not see it anytime soon if it does exist.

Anyway, Deathloop should arrive in a few months on Xbox Series X|S, in Xbox Game Pass and in PC Game Pass. PlayStation has a one-year temporary exclusivity, so we can hope to get our hands on it from September 14th.