CS: GO – File uploads are disabled Fix

csgo how to fix file uploads are disabled

Here is a super simple solution to a problem you could be getting if you’re trying to join certain community servers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The error of course is the one that you found in the title saying something about file uploads are disabled. Well, it is very very simple to fix. Just follow the below methods to fix the issue in several ways.

CS: GO – File uploads are disabled Fix

To enable file uploads in CS: GO simply open up Counter-Strike and then open up the console with your ` key. After it’s open simply type in sv_allowupload 1. By default, it’s set to zero. After doing this you should be able to join the server that you’re trying to join.

You just need to try and reconnect to it.

CS: GO – File uploads are disabled Permanent Fix

If you get this issue pretty often because servers are updating files, rules, etc. We can easily do something to try and fix this. Well of course seeming that we’ve already done that and it’s worked we can get it to automatically fire every time we start up our game either through the use of an Autoexec config file of course we can add it to the launch options which is what I’ll be showing you here.

  • Step 1: Close the game
  • Step 2: Open Steam
  • Step 3: Right-click on Counter-Strike and select Properties
  • Step 4: In the Launch Options add +sv_allowupload 1 at the end of the bar.

Just see the image below for better clarification.

After closing this and firing up our game you should then see in the console after typing the above command you will get to see that it is already set to 1 simply because we added it to the launch parameters.