created a cyborg fish with a marigold that collects plastic in the sea

In China, scientists have created a robotic fish that is able to clean the seas and oceans from plastic debris. This was written in ScienceFocus.

We are talking about a fully robotic “device” in the shape of a fish. Her hull was assembled in this form on purpose, as this is the optimal shape for efficient movement in the water. The cyborg fish can move its tail from side to side, and the “body” is covered with artificial mother-of-pearl, a multi-layered material that, under a microscope, looks very much like a brick wall. The size of this robot does not exceed 15 mm.

The main goal of the cyborg fish is to clean natural water bodies from plastic. Over time, small flakes a couple of millimeters in size begin to “split off” from any plastic product. They sink to the bottom and accumulate there. Underwater creatures take plastic flakes for food, swallow them and as a result die from intestinal blockage and forced hunger. In addition, some plastic products are treated with toxic substances that, when released into the water, poison it.


It is from these plastic flakes that the cyborg fish will clean the ocean. The coating of its body contains negatively charged molecules that instantly attract pieces of plastic. The robo-fish moves in different directions, using sunlight as a source of nutrition, and gradually “overgrown” with plastic. So far, this “device” is able to collect debris floating in the water, but in the future, scientists will try to upgrade it to clean the seabed.