Crayfish fell below 10 yuan per catty netizens shouted to let go: doctors reveal how to eat to be healthy

Crayfish fell below 10 yuan per catty netizens shouted to let go of eating: doctors reveal how to eat healthy

If you recently bought crayfish, you may find that the price of crayfish has dropped. “4-6 money (measurement unit, 1 money = 5g) of crayfish, at the beginning of April, nearby shops still sold 70 yuan and 2 catties, but recently it has become 75 yuan and 3 catties.” A resident living in Fengtai, Beijing express.

In a supermarket in Fengtai District, Beijing, the price of fresh crayfish is 27.98 yuan per catty; in another nearby supermarket, fresh crayfish (single 20g-30g) is 28.8 yuan per catty, fresh water crayfish (single 15-25g) 25.98 yuan per catty.

According to a report from, the production of crayfish in Hubei accounts for nearly “half of the country”, and Qianjiang, Hubei is known as “the hometown of crayfish in China”. Data released by the local crayfish vertical e-commerce trading platform shows that since April , The wholesale prices of the two crayfish varieties, blue shrimp and red shrimp, dropped significantly. After entering late April, the wholesale prices of the two varieties of crayfish (4-6 money) fell below 20 yuan. Since May, it has continued to fluctuate at a low level.

Why has the price of crayfish dropped significantly? The above-mentioned e-commerce merchants told reporters that it is mainly the season when crayfish are listed on the market.

Of course, although crayfish is cheap, don’t eat too much. According to CCTV, the crayfish with the title of “King of Supper” has captured the taste buds of many diners. At this time, the doctor wants to remind everyone that although crayfish is delicious, it should not be overdone.

The doctor suggested that when purchasing, you must buy live ones, and choose the shrimp shells with bright colors, and they must be cooked when cooking, and not excessive. It is recommended that one person eat no more than one kilogram.

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