Cool Telegram channels worth subscribing to

Cool Telegram channels worth subscribing to

In the modern world, a person spends a lot of time on the Internet. I remember how about 5 years ago, I was sitting on VKontakte and was surprised how far technology had gone, and recently Telegram has completely replaced my usual VK. The transition took place completely imperceptibly. I just realized at one point that it was much more convenient this way. Here you will not find annoying advertisements through each message, and there is also an opportunity not to be sprayed on different news sources, but to focus on something really interesting. Today I will share with you the best telegram channels that I read myself.

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Dr. Sychev’s Telegram channel

When it comes to choosing a profession, I always say that medicine is my wife, and is my mistress, subtly referring to Chekhov. For this reason, I regularly try to draw your attention to health issues. The last time, for example, I talked about new features in watchOS 8.

This is what a healthy person’s psychiatrist looks like.

If in matters of physical condition, we have achieved great success, then with the head in society is not yet all right. It is only recently that news has been quietly surfacing on the net that speaks of the importance of mental health control. That is why I can safely recommend you the telegram channel of one of the coolest medical specialists in Russia.

Kirill Sychev is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and in the past also a narcologist. In general, the doctor gave himself a qualitative description on his page. Punk, cynic and honey – these are three words that fully explain his approach to life. In his blog, he not only touches on such important diseases as depression, but also regularly uploads various educational stories.

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App Store Discounts

I remember that there used to be a separate section in the App Store, where Apple itself posted discounts on various applications. Eh, there was a time. Have you ever wondered where to find discounts in the App Store? I will answer you – here.

The App Store discount channel needs no further description.

Here you can find a huge number of applications and games that are currently free or distributed at a discount. Now every time, when there is nothing to play, I turn to this place.

Taking into account the fact that the quality of mobile games lately leaves much to be desired, this Telegram channel is simply worth its weight in gold. If you face similar problems, catch an excellent mobile RPG with cool graphics and gameplay.

With applications, things are also not the best way. Now more and more developers are literally forced to view a ton of ads, and to turn them off, they ask for money. I propose to declare a protest to the system and subscribe. Moreover, it is absolutely free.

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Kinopoisk – if you don’t know what to see

KinoPoisk is not only a cool service, but also an excellent Telegram channel.

If Yandex is the best service adapted for the domestic user, then Kinopoisk is the same cool platform for watching movies and TV series. Previously, the author of Ivan Kuznetsov already talked about this site, where he praised the service very much:

In my opinion, KinoPoisk is the closest analogue of Apple TV +, which is available in Russia, but at the same time offers the user much more than Apple’s branded service, – my colleague writes.

In addition to the fact that almost the entire editorial office had already signed up for ourselves a long time ago, I turned my attention to their Telegram channel. The bottom line is that I go to cinemas very often. But I don’t watch films with a rating below 8.0 in principle. In order not to miss cool news and keep abreast of all the news from the film industry, every time I turn here. By the way, be sure to watch “No Time to Die” – the film is just a tower!

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Subscribe to us in Yandex.Zen, there you will find a lot of interesting things.

Telegram channel about technology

There are a lot of different channels about high technologies on the network, but such as the Tesla Holster are few. Just listen to this name. Agree, brave guys? I subscribed to them about a week ago and immediately stuck for two hours watching interesting videos.

Tesla’s holster is the best telegram channel about high technologies.


This is also an important distinguishing feature of the Holster. There is not a huge amount of text, which you get tired of reading right after opening. Everything is simple and concise. From the latest publications, I was very hooked on a post about an electric bike from a subsidiary of Harley Davidson.

In my articles, I often say that I hate cars. When the question of buying it arose some time ago, all the money was spent on a new MacBook, because the machine, at least, is not environmentally friendly. Plus, it needs a lot of space and a bunch of other things. But the bike is the thing.

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Channel with cool products from AliExpress

Ali Baba’s chest is one of my favorite Telegram channels.

AliExpress is the best thing that humanity has come up with. Various home accessories, phone cases, orthopedic pillows, clothes – here you can always find anything for a mere penny. This is especially true for those things to which hands do not reach in real life.

You seem to understand that you need to buy a soap dispenser, but you don’t want to go to IKEA for it. And Ali is always with you. But there is one problem. Sometimes you yourself do not know what you want and end up living in a heap of things that you did not expect at all.

The Telegram channel Ali-Baba’s Chest has been cutting through the chip for a long time and publishes just such goods. Here you will find everything that an ordinary person needs for life. At the same time, the guys publish only the best verified products from the famous site. In the meantime, I advise you to get an automatic bottle opener. Sooner or later, you will definitely need it.

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It is clear that I have not told you about all the cool channels in Telegram. In the messenger from Pavel Durov, there is a huge variety of other useful content. For example, the channels of our sites –, and

There we publish a lot of useful and interesting content from the world of technology. I am sure that each of you will have something to your liking. And if you have any problems with gadgets, be sure to share it in our Telegram chats –,

Please tell us about your favorite channels in the comments below. Please include only the names, this will make it easier for everyone.

Top Telegram channels worth reading.