Complete Gwent source code was publically available to download

gwent source code

The hackers may have made the Gwent CCI open source. One of the users of a forum popular with cybercriminals published a link to a file hosting service where stolen data is allegedly stored, as well as a screenshot of the content.

gwent source code leaked

There is no confirmation that this is indeed the source code for Gwent. The link was blocked and the forum users were unable to check it. According to them, someone at the same time tried to sell the same files for $ 500. It is also possible that this is a prank or an attempt to distribute malware.

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After few hours another thread appeared with another link to the game’s source files but was instantly taken down. The leaker promises to reannounce once he reuploads the files

If you were living under a rock for some time, representatives of CD Projekt RED  reported about a hacker attack on the company. Attackers took possession of the source codes of some of the studio’s games, as well as financial documents. They threatened to leak the data into the network if CDPR did not “agree” with them within 48 hours.

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