Circuit Superstars is also doing its laps on PS4 starting today

Circuit Superstars is also doing its laps on PS4 starting today

The Square Enix Collective released their arcade racer today Circuit Superstars also for PlayStation, which combines jokes and racing.

Circuit Superstars celebrates entire generations of versatile motorsport and focuses on fantastic driving fun with a variety of skills, in which players can spend hours polishing their perfect lap.

It starts with learning the intricacies of the driving behavior of every car and working out the ideal line through every curve, which is always a great challenge. With the option of fuel consumption, tire wear and racing damage, such a good pit stop strategy can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Fans can feel how the rubber eats its way into the asphalt as they race over the starting line and lean into the first corner with screeching brakes.

Regardless of whether you are driving alone or in competition with friends, offers Circuit Superstars many different racing options including:

  • Online-Multiplayer – Specially developed online multiplayer races with up to 12 players worldwide.
  • Local Splitscreen Multiplayer – Race against up to three friends and savvy AI drivers.
  • Grand Prize – All disciplines want to be mastered by defeating every single player tournament in all 12 categories.
  • Free game mode – To create your own races or tournaments.

Tuning of dreams

The workshop of their dreams awaits racing drivers afterwards, with 12 vehicles that want to be driven on 19 different routes in 13 colorful locations. In addition, there are tons of customizable looks for drivers and vehicles, while helmets and victory celebrations are unlocked by leveling up. With rallycross, open wheel single-seaters, SuperTrucks, GT races, Eurotrucks and many more, everyone is guaranteed to find their favorite motorsport discipline – and more free content is planned in the near future.

Circuit Superstars also includes the free Top Gear DLC, in which racers can compete against their heroes on the legendary “Top Gear Test Track” race track. This track includes the “Top Gear ‘Time Attack” feature, where you can hit the gas pedal in a Stig costume and compete with the following sizes: Lando Norris, Romain Grosjean, Jamie Chadwick, Sam Bird, Steve “SuperGT” Brown , Charlie Martin, Jimmy Broadbent, Catie Munnings, Aarava and Conor Daly.