Cinema, series & TV: This is how you are already watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

The latest Star Trek series has started – but unfortunately not yet in Germany. So you as a fan can still experience Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

There’s still a long way to go before the latest Trek game, Star Trek: Resurgence, is released. But thanks to current Trek series such as Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, fans of the endless expanses can also experience numerous adventures away from the Xbox.

The latest addition to the Enterprise universe? Star Trek: Strange New Worlds! But the series has a catch, as it will not appear in Germany until the end of this year. We’ll show you how to explore new galaxies with Captain Pike and his crew in this stardate.

With great pomp, Paramount announced Strange New Worlds for its new streaming service, Paramount+. However, fans from Germany will initially go away empty-handed. You can still watch the latest Trek adventure via detours. For this you only have to get a client for a Download VPN and complete the steps below. But what is Strange New Worlds about?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – Enterprise with a new, old Captain

Star Trek and the USS Enterprise – these words are inevitably associated in pop culture with Captain Kirk or TNG colleague Jean-Luc Picard. What many do not know: Before James T. Kirk, the Enterprise already had another captain. And his name was Christopher Pike. Once intended as the actual commander of the Enterprise in the rejected series pilot “The Cage”, Pike made it into the Star Trek canon at the second attempt in the double episode “The Menagerie”.

So now Paramount is dedicating an entire series to his character. In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds we experience the Enterprise in the pre-Kirk era. The legendary Starfleet captain is still a lieutenant here, the captain’s chair belongs solely to Captain Pike – who, however, already has dark premonitions about the fate that will one day cost him the chair on the Enterprise.

Unlike Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, Strange New Worlds relies on self-contained episodes in the style of the classic Trek series. In the pilot, the crew of the USS Enterprise, which includes not only Pike but also the well-known characters Spock and Uhura, goes in search of Pike’s first officer. After a failed first contact with a new species, there was no sign of life from their ship. Time to set sail and explore the endless expanses of space.

This is how you already see Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

As mentioned above, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is not yet officially available in Germany. Unlike other Paramount+ projects like the Halo series, it was not possible to agree on a deal with pay TV broadcaster Sky. According to rumors, the release at the end of the year should be used directly. To bring Paramount+ to Germany as well.

So that you can already enjoy the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, proceed as follows:

  • Download a VPN client that supports Canada server location.
  • Activate the client and select “Canada” as the connection location.
  • Calls the following link CTV media library on.
  • Start the episode and enjoy a new Star Trek adventure!

What do you think of the new series Strange New Worlds about Spock, Pike & Co.? Are you a fan of the newer Star Trek series or do you long back to the days of Janeway, Sisko and the earlier Picard? Tell us in the comments.

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