Chris Evans, yes, IT Chris Evans is finally updating his iPhone 6s

What to expect? Is Captain America still using an iPhone 6s? Sure, Cap was frozen in ice for 70 years, but who had Chris Evans using an iPhone 6s in 2022 on his bingo card?

The Apple TV+ Defending Jacob star said a heartfelt goodbye to his 2015 home button iPhone on Twitter.

“R.I.P. iPhone 6s” wrote Evans. “We had a good run. I will miss the home button.

But it wasn’t all rosy for the nearly seven-year-old iPhone.

“I won’t miss the nightly battle to get you recharged. Or your grainy photos. Or your sudden drops from 100% battery to 15% to full discharge in just a few minutes,” Evans continued. “It was a wild ride. Calm down, buddy.

The iPhone 6s runs the latest version of iOS, although this will change when iOS 16 is released in September. Apple is ending software support for the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and first generation iPhone 7 this fall.

Luckily, Chris Evans seems to have upgraded to a very modern iPhone 13. Based on his upgrade habits, he probably won’t be upset with the purchase when the iPhone 14 comes out in just a few months.