Check out the Rigadelle Tank in Splatoon 3 coming to Nintendo Switch!

Never stingy with news, the Splatoon 3 twitter account has unveiled a video of an arena that you can paint in Splatoon 3!

This is the Rigadelle reservoir, located far below Cité-Clabousse. It was once used to regulate the water level. After being abandoned for years, it has now been renovated to host Territory Wars!

We also had the opportunity to learn a little more about weapons like Le detonator:

And to (re)discover known weapons such as sealers:

But also to find the Depositor:

The Extinguisher:

as well as the Painter (also with a new look):

Splatoon 3 will come out September 9, 2022 on Nintendo Switch. The Inklings and the Octolings will be able to play colorful matches both in Cité-Clabousse and throughout the Clabousse region and discover new features, new weapons and the latest fashionable equipment.