Cats will save the world. Scientists have proven

We already knew this, but now it has been proven by scientists from the University of Massachusetts.

Of course, not the cats themselves, but their toilet fillers. But you must admit, they would not have appeared if it were not for the seals.

As it turned out, the clay used for cat litter is able to absorb not only moisture and unpleasant odors, but also methane from the atmosphere, which helps to reduce the greenhouse effect.

To obtain the desired compound, zeolite clay must be placed in a copper solution. The zeolite itself has a porous structure that acts like a sponge. Clay is quite versatile: it can help improve water retention in the soil, and is found in cat litter.

The US Department of Energy has allocated $2 million for research. The resulting developments are planned to be used as filters in coal mines and large barns. In these places there are especially large emissions of methane into the atmosphere, which contributes to the development of global warming.