Calculator on Mac (macOS): how to view your calculation history

For those who often use the standard macOS calculator and need to constantly display all the math operations performed, there is a very cool feature that displays the calculation tape. To learn how to enable and use it, read this material.

The Calculation Feed is a kind of history of all the calculations made on the macOS calculator, which comes out of the box. A distinctive feature of this tool is that all actions are recorded in stages, which makes it very easy to find one or another calculation made at a particular stage.

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How to enable the Calculation Feed in macOS Calculator?

one. Open the calculator, for which go to Finder → Programs → Calculator or open search Spotlight and type “Calculator“.

2. Go to menu “Window” and press “Show calculation feed“. Also, this action can be performed through a combination of hot keys Command+T (⌘+T).


From now on, when performing mathematical operations, all values ​​will be saved in the calculation tape. The entire history of calculations can either be saved on a computer or printed on a printer.

OS X Calculator

To see a blank calculation tape, you must click the “clear” button.

You can save the records of the calculation tape by clicking the menu File → Save Calculation Tape As… or by pressing the key combination Shift+Command+S (⇧ + ⌘ + S).

To print information from the calculation feed, select the menu File → Print calculation tape or press keyboard shortcut Command+P (⌘+P).

OS X Calculator

In general, the regular macOS calculator is an excellent tool that allows you to perform ordinary and engineering calculations, convert various physical quantities and has settings for programmers and much more.

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