ByteDance Social Heart: Douyin Launches “Interest Matching” Function, Open Stranger/Anonymous Social Play

IT House reported on May 16 that a new “interest matching” function has been added to the Douyin App, but it seems to be still in beta, and only some users can see it.

According to Xinyan Finance, the Douyin App recently added a new entry to the upper window of its “Messages” page, which is the “Interest Matching” function. It is reported that this function mainly focuses on interest-based social networking based on short video content, with features such as “anonymous chat”, “interest matching to watch together” and “voice chat”.

From the actual experience, this kind of social gameplay mainly revolves around the currently playing short video content as a point of interest, and then uses big data to match, so as to help users know other users who are watching the current short video content in the same time period.

If you match successfully, the interface currently playing the short video will become a chat window, and the short video will become the chat background by default. In it, you can chat freely, send expressions, texts and other content, and you can also freely choose between “anonymous communication” or “public identity communication” to make friends.

It is a pity that this function does not appear in the IT Home account. I hope that friends who have obtained the test qualification can share your feelings with you.

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