Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 7 received the first software update – and very prettier

Xiaomi has begun distributing the first software update for its new SmartBand 7 smart bracelet and its NFC version. This was reported on the Chinese social network Weibo.

According to the source, the firmware received the number This is a fairly large update, in which we have worked both on new features and on fixing existing bugs.

Among the innovations is a long-awaited setting for many, which first appears on Xiaomi bracelets. Now on the “seven” you can manually adjust the vibration intensity – this is done right in the bracelet interface. Previously, the setting was only available inside the companion app on the smartphone. Whether it will appear on previous models is still unknown.

In addition, Xiaomi has upgraded the built-in watch faces – they have become interactive. If you click on a specific component of the watchface, the corresponding screen or section will open on the bracelet: for example, this way you can quickly go to heart rate measurement, fitness mode settings, and so on.

In update, several serious bugs were fixed, such as random reloading of the bracelet and text alignment errors on watch faces in the alarm section. In the NFC version, a bug with the brightness of the display after making a payment with a bracelet was fixed. The update also contains other minor fixes and optimizations for the OS.

You can update the accessory in the branded companion app on your smartphone. If the update is not found, wait a couple of days and try again.

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