Blazing Strike pushed back to 2023, Post Void finally in September

In an announcement made by developer RareBreed Makes Games, the studio announced that Blazing Strike has been delayed to Spring 2023. Since its announcement in May 2021, the game’s release date has been pushed back several times. It was originally scheduled for Spring 2022, then Fall 2022. The final Fall target will not be met and we will see it next year instead. Regarding the latest delay, RareBreed Makes Games noted that the extra time “will help polish the game to ensure the best possible gameplay experience.” The developer also suggested that cross-play might be on the table.

Inspired by classic arcade fighting game series from industry greats such as Capcom and SNK, Blazing Strike evokes the excitement and nostalgia of the pioneers of the 2D pixel art genre while incorporating a unique gameplay system modern mechanisms.

Blazing Strike features a four-button system with six normal attacks: light, medium, and heavy punches and kicks, as well as three defense moves: block, guard, and parry. An emergency trigger allows fighters to execute quick attacks and moves, but using it slowly drains the emergency meter, putting the character into a temporary grunt state. This allows players to execute exciting combos while having to manage the crowd meter. The game will feature three game modes: The game will feature three game modes: story mode, arcade mode and VS mode, with training, sparring and online match via Persona AI, and online game powered by GGPO.

Post Void has been delayed to next September on Nintendo Switch. The title was first announced for Nintendo Switch in February. In June, it was given a July 21 release date. It’s now August, and Super Rare Games has provided an update on the situation. The company didn’t give details, but said the extra time is used for polishing and to “make it perfect.”

In this arcade-style first-person shooter, you have only one goal: to be fast. Work your way through procedurally generated levels and don’t forget to fill your idol by killing opponents.

Adrenaline-Rumping Action – A hypnotic muddle of early first-person shooter design that values ​​speed above all else. Keep your head full and reach the end; kill what you can to see it recover; get the highest score or try again.

No lives, no attempts, no repeats: rack up kills to maintain your idol’s health and whatever you do, don’t stop. If you slow down, the game is over. Find the oasis at the end of each level, choose your random upgrade and plunge back into chaos. Every run of POST VOID is different thanks to the procedurally generated levels, so the only option is to… get good.

Whether you have time for a quick run or hours to spare, POST VOID’s easy to pick up but hard to master style makes it enjoyable for all types of gamers. It’s a real arcade-style first-person shooter!

Highly Stylized – A unique, deeply atmospheric and blinding haze of retro violence, POST VOID is intentionally intense, violent and chaotic in both gameplay and visual style. The developers put their quirky sense of style and passion into every second of the game.

Tuned to perfection – Following its smash hit on Steam, the PlayStation and Switch versions of POST VOID have been tweaked to perfection to ensure its fast-paced gameplay works just as well with a controller as it does with keyboard and mouse.