Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is finally released today

The remaster of the classic Westwood adventure game.

Movie license games have rarely been something to get excited about, but one of the exceptions is without a doubt Blade Runner – an adventure game developed by Westwood and released in 1997. For a few years now, Nightdive Studios has been working on a remaster of it, but the project has been fraught with problems, partly because they did not have access to the source code.

Fortunately, however, the project has not been discontinued, and now the remaster is actually ready. And not only that, because it is already released today for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. The remaster gives us, among other things, scaled-up intermediate sequences, higher image updating, HD resolutions, better control support and an improved interface for the clues.

An earlier video that compared the new intermediate sequences with the old ones received some criticism for looking too smeared and seemed to have lost some of the perceived richness of detail of the originals. That criticism seems to stand up with the new trailer above, where some claim that it looks like they smeared the lens with Vaseline and that the game does not seem “remastered enough”. However, it has not been released yet, so we have to wait a few hours before we can judge the matter ourselves.

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