Black Friday 2021: Have you found some real good tech deals?

Black Friday 2021: The compact Asus Zenfone 8 smartphone is at -200 €

So, the day has arrived, that’s it Black Friday 2021 has taken place and before moving on to Black Friday weekend and then Cyber ​​Monday, let’s take a quick look at the races with this survey of the week. Who found good deals? Who got tricked with discounted promos? Tell us everything, no one will judge you (except me).

Haaaaah. Did you feel it? This primary instinct of the hunter-gatherer returning to his tribe, his chest bulging while carrying the game he has just caught with the sweat of his forehead and the force of his hands? Me neither but I think that’s what fathers or mothers must feel after buying an Oled screen on sale at Amazon, Fnad Darty or Cdiscount during Black Friday 2021.

Well yes, because buying it smart, the one who reads NextPit, he does not get fooled during commercial promotions. He checks and compares prices so as not to fall for a false reduction. And above all, he resists buying blackmail by respecting his wish list fixed in advance to the letter. But you then, you are part of the club, that of the Sigma consumers, of the elite of cyber-buyers what am I saying, of the pantheon of the paladins of modern consumerism?

What did you buy? (yes, I’m indiscreet and totally relaxed, so what)?

I suspect there must be some bargain hunters 2.0 who have a 5th dan in writing promo codes among you. But let’s take a look at who made the best deals and found the most profitable deals, will you?

As we have been able to explain many times in our numerous articles on the subject, false promotions are frequent during Black Friday. Normally, you were well equipped to avoid the most well-known floppy disks among retailers. But I would like to know more generally how you feel about the reductions you have seen during your research.

Did you find a lot of artificially inflated crossed out prices when you compared the prices? Did the amount of reductions seem worthy of a sales period?

Good deals or great scams?

Finally, I have one last question. I know multiple question polls suck. But come on, another 2 minutes of free brain time and I’ll let you enjoy your weekend, I promise. I would just like to know if you have managed to do all your Christmas shopping during this Black Friday 2021.

Much has been said with purchase intentions and the shortage of components, Black Friday is the time when consumers prepare their gifts for the holiday season. But was the supply enough this year to meet your needs?

Shall we do it again for Christmas?

Thank you in advance to all those who will participate in this survey and above all, who will tell me their choices in the comments. Now is the time to let go. I also hope that you were able to find your happiness at a good price and that our various guides and our selections were useful to you. Finally, I wish you a good weekend and look forward to seeing you next week to discuss the results.


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