Black Desert gets PS5 support, new season introduced

Black Desert gets PS5 support, new season introduced

Pearl Abyss today announced official next-gen support on PS5 and Xbox Series for Black Desert at. It also gives an outlook on the new season.

The console version gets the new season on October 13th. Season + is a reinforced Season Server that has had some improvements based on player feedback from last season. Season server in Black Desert offer faster leveling and development of characters than on the regular servers.

On the Season + server, adventurers can complete tasks from the Season Pass and the Black Spirit Pass, which will reward them with exchange coupons for weapons. The likelihood of upgrading Tuvala equipment is also increased, and more rare ones are waiting for players to complete main quests.

The new Growth Pass will also start on September 29th, making it easier for players to improve their equipment. There will also be new ways to upgrade certain gear to the highest level after players complete the Season + server. This helps them progress through in-game challenges and content.

Pearl Abyss also has the Q4 roadmap in an announcement from Je-seok Jang, Black Deserts Game Design Director. The upcoming content includes:

  • World boss Vell, who lives under the ocean
  • The second part of Atoraxion – Sycarakia
  • Reinforced versions of the famous world bosses
  • The mystical horse Doom
  • A new property for housing
  • The newest addition, O’dyllita.