Binance will restrict access to Russians. Traders are sad

Restrictions apply to all users of the service from Russia. Users with crypto assets over 10 thousand euros will only be able to withdraw funds.

This is reported by a source, citing the message of the exchange. Accounts of Russians, the amount of which exceeds 10 thousand euros, are transferred to the “only for withdrawal of funds” mode. Trades and replenishment of accounts will be unavailable to users. If the balance currently does not exceed the above amount, but exceeds after April 25, the account will also receive restrictions.

The duration of the restriction has not yet been specified. Users holding futures or futures contracts worth more than 10,000 euros will be able to close positions within 90 days. Registration for Russians will remain open if the balance does not exceed the norm established by the site. The KYC/AML verification process remains the same.

Binance promises that it will not touch verified accounts of Russians residing outside of Russia, as well as accounts of Russian citizens or individuals residing in Russia, the total amount of which does not exceed the limit.

The crypto exchange notes that it does not plan to leave Russia, but is forced to support the EU sanctions against our country.