11 Best Visual Mods for Skyrim Xbox One

Best Visual Mods for Skyrim Xbox One

When we talk about Modding in general, we can’t forget to mention Skyrim. Literally one of the main things that makes Skyrim so much playable is the support for mods and the modding community that makes these mods. But the problem is that there are thousands of mods for Skyrim. And that is why we have created a list of some of the Best Visual/Graphics Mods for Skyrim on Xbox One.

Best Visual Mods for Skyrim Xbox One

Here is a list of the Visual mods for Skyrim that we are going to talk about in details.

  • Surreal Lighting (Xbox One)
  • Skyland 1K: A Landscape Texture Overhaul
  • Enhanced Texture Detail
  • High Poly Project by LucidAPs
  • Realistic Water 2
  • Noble SMIM or Static Mesh Improvement Mod
  • Better Skies (Xbox One)
  • Ennead Septims
  • Enhanced Lights and FX
  • Embers HD USSEP
  • HD Photorealistic Ivy (Enhanced Texture Detail Version)

Surreal Lighting (Xbox One)

Best Visual Mods for Skyrim Xbox One

The first mod that I want to talk about is rear lighting and it’s a change that I think is pretty important for your game. A lot of weather mods have lighting changes that come with them. But this is just the lighting mod itself rather than bringing the weather with it.

Now you can combine it with certain other weather mods. I really like the aesthetic that surreal lighting brings and I’ve been using it pretty much ever since I started modding on Skyrim on the Xbox One. It’s definitely worth your time to check out because it adds a lot to the game without taking up a lot of space.

Download Surreal Lighting.

Skyland 1K: A Landscape Texture Overhaul

Skyland is pretty much my go-to texture mod. You will definitely enjoy playing around with the 2k version which is the balanced landscape mod. That is kind of a bigger file that’s over 700 Megabytes. I think the 1k version will suit most people who download this obviously you can always download the 2k version if you want. I think this in conjunction with another mod will definitely make it look just as good. Skyland also has a suite of mods that go with it. So do check those out as well.

Download Skyland 1K.

Enhanced Texture Detail

Best Visual Mods for Skyrim Xbox One

So this is definitely a mod that goes really well with the previously mentioned Skyland mod. This is a highly recommended visual mod for Skyrim on Xbox One. It basically just enhances the texture detail as it says in the mod title and makes it so that your 1K textures will look a lot better than 1K.

This mod also improves the textures that are not so great. I could pretend you know the wizardry behind this mod but it just works and it does what it says. So if you’d like to get the most out of your textures I would give it a download. The effect this mod creates may not be noticeable at first but when you start to get up close to things you can then notice its magic.

Download Enhanced Texture Detail.

High Poly Project by LucidAPs

This mod is the High-Poly project and it’s pretty similar to a different mod that we’re gonna be looking at next which is the Static Mesh Improvement Mod. This mod relates a lot to FOOD. All this mod does is it makes the fruits and veggies kept on the table round. It will try to make the food as real as in the real life. Obviously as real as it can get in a video game. This is just a really nice compliment to the world of Skyrim because when you walk around you don’t necessarily want to see a bunch of boxy-looking Apples and things like that.

Download High Poly Project by LucidAPs.

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Realistic Water 2

Pretty self-explanatory but Realistic Water 2 is basically realistic-looking water for Skyrim. I’ve been using this one as well since the start of Skyrim modding for me and it just looks really nice. There are additions now as well. If you use something like Skyland you can actually add different colors to the water. You can see several videos on Youtube that show an exaggerated fantastical Blue colored water. I personally like Green Water and I think you will too. It adds a different aesthetic to the water that blends quite excellent with the surroundings.

Download Realistic Water 2.

Noble SMIM or Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Best graphics mods for Skyrim Xbox One

I wanted to talk about a mod that I think works really well with the High-Poly project that I already mentioned above. This is the Static Mesh Improvement Mod. Now, this is the noble Skyrim version of that mod that is popular mainly for players who don’t have space for the actual almost 1 Gigabyte Static Mesh Improvement Mod.

Basically what this mod does is changes the Ropes, Barrels, boxes and a lot of different things. Like I say it works really well in conjunction with the High-Poly project because you see a lot of nice round things that should be around. These 2 mods together add a lot more natural effect to the world of Skyrim. I would recommend you to give it a try and if you have space definitely try the actual original Static Mesh Improvement Mod.

Download Noble SMIM.

Download Static Mesh Improvement Mod.

Better Skies (Xbox One)

Best mods for Skyrim Xbox One

Now Better Skies is not a big mod at all. This mod is something to complement other mods like Real Lighting or even Mythical Ages that changes lighting as well as the weather. If you like this mod when you try it on, just experiment with other similar mods for better enhancements. With Mythical Ages, this does look very nice.

I don’t know if I would use this mod with something like a 4K Galaxy Mod or something like that. This does change the skies in the game and does what it says – makes them better. So definitely check this out. I’m personally really loving it maybe you will too. It’s only like 13 Kilobytes. It’s worth the shot.

Download Better Skies.

Ennead Septims

Best Visual Mods for Skyrim Xbox One

Now, this mod is a little bit bigger than the previous one but it’s still under 1 Megabyte and it brings an overarching change throughout the world of Skyrim like the last one. Basically what it does is it takes the gold in Skyrim, renames some Septums like usually in lore. So not only does it change that when you picked up something off of a Chest or something like that. But you also gonna see a visual change to Septums as well. This includes the removal of those kinds of jagged edges around the coin and adds an overall smoothness to the coin’s curvature.

This mod adds a little bit of immersion in the game as it focuses on quite noticeable details. It is somewhat similar to the Static Mesh Improvement Dod like it did something similar in that. It smoothes some things like Ropes and other objects in the game as well. Exactly like the High-Poly project. This mod is just another addition to those 2 mods.

Download Ennead Septims.

Enhanced Lights and FX

Best Skyrim mods

This mod is something that probably a lot of you are familiar with or have seen before. And why not. This mod is really cool. It adds light sources that emit lights which makes sense. There is light coming through the windows, adds smoke effects for the candles, adds extra reflections coming off the water. Enhanced Lights and FX is a great mod that goes very well with other lightning mods that you might have already installed. It adds an extra layer of shadows and also some specific places taverns look cooler.

The mod just gives an overall natural look to the game that makes it look a little less artificial and more like you’re walking through the world of Skyrim. And that too in high definition with added immersion. There are several additions to this mod as well that you can install. But I think this one is the one you should probably download if you’re only going to use one.

Download Enhanced Lights and FX.


Ember HD USSEP is also another one that I’ve been using for a while. I thought this was important to put in the list of best visual mods for Skyrim Xbox One because it’s a pretty awesome mod that does a lot of like little things to the Embers and Fires. However, I might not be compatible with other similar mods that add flaming effects to the fire.

This particular version of the mod is actually compatible with the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition patch. Overall it’s really cool mod that is well worth the 27 Megabytes disk space it takes to improve your game much more.

Download Embers HD USSEP.

HD Photorealistic Ivy (Enhanced Texture Detail Version)

Best Visual Mods for Skyrim Xbox One

To round things out we have a mod that adds a little bit of a different texture to the Ivys in the game and makes it just a little bit better looking. It actually utilizes the Enhanced Texture Detail mod that we talked about above. This is just one of those things where it just adds a little bit extra to the towns that have the Ivy and such. Also, it works well with some of the other mods we just talked about like the Embers HD and the Enhanced Lights and FX mod.

Download HD Photorealistic Ivy (Enhanced Texture Detail Version).


This is the end of our list of best Skyrim visual mods for Xbox One that we think you should check. I would recommend you to add multiple of these mods in varied combinations and experiment a little to find what best fits your need. If you have any other Skyrim mod that deserves to be on this list or have any general query, do comment below.

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