Best Pokémon GO Calculators and How to Use them

The best Pokémon GO calculators and how to use them!

Pokémon GO calculators are very important tools for anyone who takes the game really seriously. With them you can get data that the game doesn’t provide, allowing you to make the best decisions about which pokemon to evolve, strengthen (and how much to strengthen), which pokemon to use in PVP, which to use in raids, etc. Check out the best Pokémon GO evolution and IV calculators below, and how to use them!

Best Pokémon GO Calculators Online

1. Evolution CP Calculator

The Pokémon GO evolution calculator lets you know exactly how much CP (Combat Points) a Pokémon will have after being evolved, being perfect for preparing Pokémon for PVP.

The page evolution calculator Pokémon GO Info is the best available on the internet. To use it, just insert the name of your Pokemon, the exact CP and select “Calculate”, as in the images below:

best pokemon calculators Evolution CP Calculator - Gameinfo

The next page will show the new pokemon and CP:

With the evolution calculator you can know exactly whether or not a Pokémon can enter a PVP League that has a CP limit (1500 or 2500) after the evolution, preventing you from making one of the worst possible mistakes in Pokémon GO, which is exceed the maximum limit and disable the pokemon for PVP:

best pokemon calculators Evolution CP Calculator - Gameinfo

Note that the second Frillish is a little stronger than the first, so it would most likely be the one chosen by many players for evolution. The result would be a Jellicent that could not enter 1500 leagues in PVP.


  • Most of the time the value shown in the “Estimate” is the exact value of the CP of your new Pokémon.
  • Whenever you want to evolve a Pokémon, separate the strongest copies and calculate the evolution of each one. Remember that many times the strongest will exceed the maximum CP limit, so you will have to choose the second or third best.

2. IV Calculator

The IV (Individual Values) calculator is for the hardcore gamers who want to have the most perfect pokemon possible. With it you can see how strong your Pokemon is compared to the maximum potential of the species.

Once again, the calculator of the Pokémon GO Info is your best option. To use it, just enter the species, the exact CP of the pokemon and the exact IVs, as shown in the “Assess” menu within the game:

best pokemon calculators IV Calculator

Calculators - Pokémon GO

The result will show your Pokémon’s perfection level:

Calculators - Pokémon GO

In the example above, Melmetal is only 4% below the best possible Melmetal in the game. No matter the Pokémon species, the maximum perfection level will always be 100%.


  • IVs directly affect a Pokemon’s maximum CP. The higher the perfection level, the more a Pokemon can be strengthened.
  • The IVs of a Pokemon cannot be changed in any way, so it is necessary to capture several of the same species until you get one with good values.
  • In practice, the difference in performance between a Pokémon with about 90% perfection and another with about 70% is very small, both in PVP and raids.
  • Like Shinies, collecting perfect (or near perfect) Pokémon is one of the most fun and difficult tasks in Pokémon GO.

Best Pokémon GO Calculator Apps

In addition to the pages mentioned above, you also have the option to install calculator apps to run alongside your Pokémon GO. These tools capture the contents of your screen to do all the evolution and IV calculations of your Pokemons, as well as other interesting functions. Among the most complete and popular calculators are:

1. Poke Genie

Poke Genie offers the IV and CP information of the Pokemons directly on the game screen, in addition to having its own strengthening simulator for you to do Stardust calculations, and even shows all available attacks for each Pokemon. The app runs on top of Pokémon GO, capturing and interpreting all screen content to provide the information. Depending on your device, the game may slow down a bit while Poke Genie is in use.

2. Calcy IV

Calcy IV is an Android-only calculator. It offers all the CP and IV data of your Pokemon, including the ones that are still in the capture screen, and also makes predictions for evolutions. The program also makes suggestions for counters to use in raids, indicating the strongest Pokemons, as well as the most effective attacks.

Calcy IV free download for Android

Keep in mind that as the game receives updates, these calculators may temporarily become incompatible until they are updated.

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