41 Best Free to Play Games on Steam 2021

Os 41 melhores jogos grátis na Steam em 2021

Everyone loves free stuff and games are no exception. With the evolution of the internet, it has become easier for some game creators to offer free games, using payment methods such as microtransactions, purchase of cosmetic elements and/or ways to customize the game.

Check out our list and discover the best free games waiting for you in the Steam store. We try to choose games in which skill is the most important and not games where you can gain competitive advantage using real money.

Best Free to Play Steam Games

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  2. Dota 2
  3. Path of Exile
  4. Paladins
  5. Brawlhalla
  6. Splitgate
  7. Destiny 2
  8. Smite
  9. Warframe
  10. Black Squad
  11. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
  12. Team Fortress 2
  13. Battlerite
  14. Unturned
  15. Realm Grinder
  16. Throve
  17. World of Tanks Blitz
  18. Quake Champions
  19. Ring of Elysium
  20. Realm Royale
  21. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  22. Duel Links
  23. War Thunder
  24. Crusader Kings II
  25. Jelly Brawl: Classic
  26. Fallout Shelter
  27. Albion Online
  28. Aim Lab
  29. SCP: Secret Laboratory
  30. First Snow
  31. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
  32. EVE Online
  33. BLEACH: Brave Souls
  34. RISK: Global Domination
  35. Star Trek Online
  36. Neverwinter
  37. Capitalist AdVenture
  38. Deceit
  39. Doki Doki Literature Club
  40. Shadowverse CCG
  41. Dota Underlord

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Best Free to Play Steam Games

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known simply as CS: GO, is one of the best shooting games of all time. With each match you get more tense, especially when you are the last on your team. Whether planting or deactivating a bomb, rescuing hostages or eliminating enemies with all the weapons in the game, it’s impossible to get bored!

CS: GO has a good set of weapons, each with its own behavior and damage. Being silent is an important factor as it is better to move in silence than to reveal your position as you run. Overall the free version is good, although the disadvantage is that you can not play against those who bought the game. That doesn’t mean it’s not a bad option!

Discover CS:GO on Steam.

Dota 2

Dota 2

Constantly evolving, with a huge community spread all over the world, Dota 2 is a difficult game to define. Here it is necessary to think strategically, and also to fit in with your team and, at the same time, develop the skills and equipment of your characters throughout the matches and even outside them.

Dota 2 is extremely rich in detail and difficult to be mastered quickly, but it is a highly competitive, fluid and strategic game.

Discover Dota 2 on Steam.

Path of Exile

Path Of Exile Gratis

Inspired by the famous action RPG Diablo, many gamers say that Path Of Exile is what Diablo 3 should have been. And, in fact, the game is quite evolving, posing different challenges even to the most experienced players.

Creators are always casting new bosses to slaughter, magical powers to learn or mystical weapons to find. Your character starts out as a Nobody and gradually needs to survive, learn to improve skills and master weapons and spells that don’t depend on your character’s class. This is where Path of Exile shines the most: with a talent tree that looks endless, there may be characters of the same class completely different in the skills and weapons they use.

See Path of Exile on Steam.


Free to Play Steam Games

Choose an elf, goblin, sorceress or other mystical race and enter battle. In this highly competitive FPS (First Person Shooter) where you can use original weapons and daredevil spells, each player can develop their character as they prefer. In addition to the abilities of each of these champions, you can use the Deck system with different cards, increasing certain attributes to further improve your powers.

Discover Paladins on Steam.


Brawlhalla Gratis

Legendary warriors from around the world have teamed up in a massive tournament to find out who is the best. In addition to punches, kicks and flying, here it is allowed to use swords, axes, spears and even more futuristic weapons such as bombs and various traps. There are very cool teams and solo modes where you can take on players from all over the world in very extreme fights in a 2D environment inspired by the classic Super Smash Bros.

Discover Brawlhalla on Steam.


Melhores jogos grátis na Steam

Splitgate is a true blend of Halo, Quake and Unreal with Portal 2. In addition to all the features of an action-packed FPS and adrenalia, the game adds a very good strategy aspect with the addition of portals that you can open in the middle of matches to move around or even attack directly inaccessible points. Undoubtedly a very unique game and with great competitive potential.

Play Splitgate for free

Destiny 2

Best Free to Play Steam Games

Destiny 2 is a huge game, and it was great to have it for free on Steam. If you like shooter, good stories, great graphics and cooperative and competitive games, you should play it right away! In it you choose one of the three classes and embark on a long journey, full of dangers and mysteries to be solved.

Although you can play it entirely alone, the multiplayer component is a lot of fun! Invest time in developing your character, completing missions and getting the best equipment possible. The gameplay doesn’t even seem to be that of a free game, so tuned that it is!

Discover Destiny 2 on Steam


Smite Steam Grátis


The mixture of different mythologies with the MOBA genre worked very well in Smite. It’s a great game, standing side by side with Dota 2 and League of Legends, with its more than 100 gods. Not only does it have the classic way to destroy the enemy base, but there are others like the Arena, in which we fight non-stop against the enemy gods.

Another detail that attracts many players is character control. Instead of a view from above, we move the character in the third person, controlling the camera around them. For that reason, it also looks like an action RPG. If you don’t like clicking on the entire map, Smite is a great option!

Discover Smite on Steam.


Warframe Gratis

Intense, with gorgeous graphics and packed with action, loot and fights, Warframe is a fantastic game. As a warrior, your goal is to gradually develop your armor or exoskeleton, called warframe, by farming different resources. To do this, you need to do dozens of different missions and defeat enemies in snares ybattled battles while using moves that would make a ninja jealous. Everything happens on different planets, alone or with friends.

Warframe is a massive game that takes some time to be mastered and even more time to upt your character, weapons and skills. But it’s really worth it.

Discover Warframe on Steam.

Black Squad

Black Squad Fps Gratis

A very competitive FPS, inspired by other classic titles, but completely free. The only time you can spend real money is by buying skins. Black Squad was inspired by classic FPS such as CS, Battlefield and Call of Duty. The game has several classic modes and is very light, running on weaker computers without problem.

Discover Black Squad on Steam.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Idle Champions Gratis

For-single player only, this ultra-light game blends RPG and strategy elements into idle or incremental game mechanics. Idle games need minimal interaction between the player and the goal, which makes this type of game very addictive.

In Champions of the Forgotten Realms you create a real army and take you on dozens of adventures, improving and modifying the look and abilities of your characters. The formation of your hero gang is very important, so it is essential to think strategically.

Discover Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms on Steam.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress

Team Fortress is an FPS to be played on teams and it mixes some RPG elements, mainly the class system. In it, each team can be composed of attack, defense and support characters and players need to work in a synchronized way.

Team Fortress has good cartoon-style graphics that create a charismatic atmosphere for the game. In addition, there are several modes to be games, each with a different goal.

See Team Fortress 2 on Steam.



A very competitive MOBA, Battlerite is an intense game of frantic battles of 2 versus 2 or 3 versus 3. Battlerite was created for the action and is highly customizable. Here, you control a champion and can improve your skills and powers. The combat mechanics are very well thought out and you have to have good reflexes to win.

Discover Battlerite on Steam!


Upturned Gratis

Don’t be fooled by minecraft style graphics. In this survival game, the goal is to overcome a true horde of zombies using weapons and lots of intelligence, managing many different resources, planting, fishing and facing the natural dangers.

You can play in co-op mode with other players or treat everyone as an enemy in Battle Royale mode. A real challenge with cubic charts.

Discover Unturned on Steam

Realm Grinder

Real Grinder

Make your kingdom grow into an idle game with dozens of possibilities and options. Start with a small farm and end up with a very cool castle with a lot of accumulated wealth. There are dozens of different options, secrets to discover, alliances with unmade neighboring kingdoms and artifacts to find.

Discover Realm Grinder on Steam.


Trove Geode Gratis

A fun MMO adventure, Trove – Geode is different from the usual in this game genre. Maps are completely destructible and the community is always creating more. There are many different locations to explore as dungeons and castles and various player classes. There is also the possibility of creating from houses to weapons while entering in sane fights, using riding animals and doing dozens of other activities. If you like RPGs with hundreds of details, you won’t be disappointed.

Discover Trove on Steam.

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is a 7v7 multiplayer game where the team that destroys the opponent wins. It sounds simple, but the game contains much more than just PvP games. There are hundreds of tanks to choose from, belonging to different factions. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so be aware of the choice!

There are more than 20 combat scenarios, which enriches the experience. Maps have different elements in different locations, so exploration is an important point. The game allows combat tactics that can be more or less effective, depending on the coordination of players and their ability with your tank.

Discover World of Tanks Blitz on Steam.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions

For all Quake lovers and similar games, Quake Champions is indispensable. It is the last instance of the saga, totally focused on online modalities. Unlike other games in the franchise, in this case there are champions. Each has unique abilities and attributes, adhering to the most different types of players.

You will enjoy classic modes like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, but many like Duel mode. One of Quake’s great assets is mechanics and play, as well as the wide selection of weapons. If you like frantic shooting games, Quake Champions is the perfect title for you.

Discover Quake Champions on Steam.

Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium

Are you a player who loves Battle Royale? Do you have a good computer? Ring of Elysium is a great bet of the genre, adding new elements, such as snowboarding or bicycles, with cutting edge graphics. It’s a game that started strong and stays in that position. It may be similar to PUBG, but it is a unique proposal in its similarities with others of the genre.

The action takes place on large and detailed maps, with snowy and wooded parts or with a large number of buildings. The arsenal of weapons is extensive, and you can move around the battlefield with multiple vehicles. Your goal is to survive until the rescue helicopter arrives. Get up before he leaves!

Discover Ring of Elysium on Steam.

Realm Royale

Realm Royale

Realm Royale is, as the name suggests, a Battle Royale, but has its own characteristics. In addition to using everything at your fingertips to survive and be the last player standing, you can collect and use skills. With them you can create shields, jump more or move faster.

And that’s not all! Realm Royale includes the so-called Forge, with which you can create better objects and get powerful runes. All this gives a different flavor to the genre, making it more dynamic.

Discover Realm Royale on Steam.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic serves as a sequel to The Knights of The Old Republic 1 and 2. Just like in previous games, you can follow a variety of paths, according to your choices. Be a Jedi or member of the Sith, choose your class and join a team that will explore this online RPG by performing dozens of missions inspired by the George Lucas universe.

Discover Star Wars: The Old Republic on Steam

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is most famous on mobile, but its PC version is as good as! There are over 1,000 cards available to assemble your deck, plus all the classic anime characters. Control Yugi, Kaiba or even Pegasus against online players or by performing quests in solo mode.

Discover Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on Steam

War Thunder

War Thunder

War Thunder simulates battles between tanks, planes and ships, being set in World War II and also in the Cold War. You can choose from 8 nations, including Germany, the United States and even China. The most fun of the game, although the hardest to play, is the realistic mode, recommended only for very experienced players.

Discover War Thunder on Steam

Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II follows the form of other strategy games such as Europa Universalis and even Civilization. Coordinate an entire dynasty and grow it all over the world. At his disposal he has several tools, being able to go to war or use diplomacy, marriages and other agreements. The game brings many famous historical personalities in Europe, which is quite cool for those who like to study human history.

Discover Crusader Kings II on Steam

Jelly Brawl: Classic

Jelly Brawl: Classic

Give Jelly Brawl a try, as the game is so much fun. Choose your jam and go to an online battlefield against other players. Be the last one alive and you’re the champion of the match. Attack enemies as much as you can and use the scenarios to your advantage, as they often have deadly traps!

Discover Jelly Brawl: Classic on Steam

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a classic of free games. This fallout derivative puts you as administrator of a nuclear bunker. You start with half a dozen residents in your vault,who will help you expand it, facing invaders and all the other problems that may arise. An easy and fun simulator to play offline!

Discover Fallout Shelter on Steam

Albion Online

Best Free to Play Steam Games

Albion Online brings elements of Diablo and LoL, having an intense gameplay, in which players must face each other in a wide open world. Creating cities and conquering enemy territories is important, so collecting resources is part of your tasks. The game has a very fun survival footprint, with the creation of guilds to face demons and teams of other players.

Discover Albion Online on Steam

Aim Lab

Aim Lab

Aim Lab is what the name suggests: a training camp for FPS. You will train shooting and aiming with the most diverse weapons, in the most diverse situations. It is an important “game” for those who like shooters, because it allows you to improve your skills in this type of game.

Discover Aim Lab on Steam

SCP: Secret Laboratory

Secret Laboratory

In SCP you will face monsters and paranormal entities that are putting the world in danger. Or it could be these creatures and you can try to bring chaos to the planet. There are different roles you can take on this shooter, which still serves as a great horror game.

Discover Secret Laboratory on Steam

First Snow

First Snow

First Snow is a visual novel, a textual game, with a very deep narrative. She focuses on a teenage girl who moved to live alone and study in college. Deal with all the problems and discoveries of Allison’s new life and make your choices in this game that almost a work of art.

Discover First Snow on Steam

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent is always on our lists because the game is really good! If you’re a fan of The Witcher, you need to play this Hearthstone and Magic-style card game with beloved characters from the Geralt de Rivia wizard franchise. Choose your faction, build your deck and face other players online or perform missions in solo mode.

Discover Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on Steam

EVE Online

EVE Online

EVE Online is one of the best games for those who like space battles. The gameplay is nonlinear, so the focus is right on exploration. Find entire planter systems, with moons, stars, and enemies to be faced. Minere, be pirated, choose a profession and trade in this game that many consider infinite, due to the size of the possibilities.

Discover EVE Online on Steam

BLEACH: Brave Souls

BLEACH: Brave Souls

BLEACH: Brave Souls is a Kingdom Hearts action-adventure game. You can play it solo or with up to 3 other players in co-op mode. You have all the iconic moves of Bleach, and the special moves have the original Japanese dubbing of the anime! It’s perfect for big fans of the drawing!

Discover BLEACH: Brave Souls on Steam

RISK: Global Domination

Best Free to Play Steam Games

RISK is the same WAR game that exists in Brazil. The PC version is entirely online and pits you against other players for world domination. Choose the places you will control and don’t lose them to your opponents. Fight with everything to expand your domains and be the supreme commanders of the planet.

Discover RISK: Global Domination on Steam

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is old MMORPG, but that remains very good. It is made for fans of the series and movies, but should also be played by those who are not. Space battles are fantastic, and the character evolution system is very wide and varied. Be a captain of excellence and command your crew towards success!

Discover Star Trek Online on Steam



Neverwinter is one of the best options for those who want an online RPG. The game is huge and can be reset complete without paying a penny. It is 100% inspired by Diablo, both in visuals and concept, bringing battles that require training and strategy. Character evolution is wide and allows you to have a unique avatar.

Discover Neverwinter on Steam

Capitalist AdVenture

AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is a humorous critique of capitalism and money. You will build an empire from just one lemon tent. As you go along, you buy new business, until you reach a billion-dollar fortune and have access to off-Earth trades on the Moon!

Discover AdVenture Capitalist on Steam



Deceit is an online game with up to 6 players, in which 2 are infected and the others are healthy. The infected must eliminate the four that remain, without being discovered. It’s almost like a detective and thief, but in a horror movie setting, with the clock counting and the tension rising every second.

Discover Deceit on Steam

Doki Doki Literature Club

doki doki steam

If you like Visual Novels, Doki Doki Literature Club is very good. It may seem like a cute and simple game, but deep down it’s a great psychological horror game. It’s well worth the amazing ending and for being quick to zero, as it has no more than 6 hours of gameplay.

Discover Doki Doki on Steam

Shadowverse CCG

Shadowverse CCG

Shadowverse is pretty famosinho in Japan. In the West it is compared to Hearthstone, but it is much more than that. It has a well-constructed narrative, card evolution system and more than a dozen expansions. The game is huge, trapping you for months in an attempt to have the best deck in the game.

Discover Shadowverse CCG on Steam

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords gratis

With the boom of the Autochess genre, games like Dota Underlords have achieved good popularity. Each player must obtain pieces with the money obtained in the game and place them on the board. Their position is important, but even more important is to know the alliances to which they belong. Having multiple pieces of the same alliance will provide extra benefits!

Dota Underlords is a seemingly simple game, but with many nuances that require mastery. You will fight with 7 other players, and only one can stand! You have a few seconds to prepare your board in each round, investigate your opponents and hone your strategy.

Discover Dota Underlords on Steam.