16 Best BeamNG Drive Mods of all Time

BeamNG Drive is one of the best vehicle physics simulator games available now. To enhance your experience and make the game more realistic you can install mods for that. However, there is huge library of mods available for BeamNG. Here is a list of the best BeamNG mods you can find on the internet.

Best BeamNG Drive Mods

  1. Ibishu JBX 100
  2. Car Jump Arena
  3. The Crash Hard 2.0 Map
  4. CrashHard 8×8 BigRig Truck
  5. DSC Scarab
  6. Gavril Vertex NA2
  7. Hirochi Prasu
  8. Meo’s Drag Parts Pack
  9. Mount Coot-Tha
  10. Phoulkon CIWS
  11. Intakes
  12. 8×8 Heavy Utility Truck
  13. Trackfab Autobello Buggy
  14. Oldsfullsize
  16. ETK 1300

Ibishu JBX 100

best mods for beamng drive

This mod is the best terrific car ever made for BeamNG Drive. Like me, there are many players that use this car a lot for drifting and overall it is a very well-made car in terms of suspension, torque, acceleration, etc. So if you like drifting and all those kinds of stuff where the performance really matters then this mod is a must-have for you.

Car Jump Arena

This map is the most downloaded map on that the BeamNG website with over a million downloads. This is just a map that truly deserves that. It offers loads of different tests for your cars like seeing which can go further down a giant hill. You can also do suspension tests and so much more. There’s a little race track as well in this map and it’s just amazing.

CrashHard 8×8 BigRig Truck

My personal favorite and one of the best mods in BeamNG is the CrashHard 8×8 BigRig Mod. The modders took almost an entire year to craft this mod. It consists of hundreds of parts that you can strip and crush apart from the truck. It can crush anything in its path easily. Even your CPU. This beast of a mod takes a lot of processing power to run but it is totally worth it if you can afford that computing power. It is possible to spend thousands of hours playing this and not get bored.

Gavril Vertex NA2

best beamng mods

At number six we have the Gavril Vertex NA2. This mod is by far my favorite. You can just customize it to the extreme. Let’s start off by saying that this mod has over 90 configuration options and over 1000 parts. Yes!! a THOUSAND parts and just some crazy things that I’ve never seen in BeamNG before. For eg: You can create a double-decker car where the bottom car controls the top and the top car controls the bottom which is really really weird and cool at the same time. I can guarantee that nobody has done this before. So if you want to spend all day customizing your car then this is a mod just for you.

Meo’s Drag Parts Pack

At number eight we have the Meo’s Drag Parts Mod. If you’re into making cars go fast as lightning-like fast then this is a must-have mod for you. It will make your car go brrr. This mod adds drag parts like engines, wheels, tires and so much more. It would take over a month to name all the parts. So if you’d like to make your car super fast then you should definitely check this mod out.

Mount Coot-Tha is a masterpiece. This map is a shockingly accurate remake of the 10km loop of a mountainous public road near Brisbane Australia and it is a drifter dream with continuous turns and twists. This is a high-quality map with great attention to detail. This is one of the prettiest maps I have ever seen in BeamNG. It also has a rain mod if you like hydroplaning.

Phoulkon CIWS

beamng drive mods

This is the Phoulkon CIWS. This is truly something special. By special I mean an elite machine of death. Featuring either a 20mm M61 Vulkan cannon or 11 MK4 heat-seeking missiles. CIWS also has a superadvanced targeting system that highlights targets on the map to help you aim them. It has taken a lot of time to code and implement this mechanism into an old game like BeamNG.

8×8 Heavy Utility Truck

So moving on to number 12. This is the 8×8 Utility Truck. This truck is just a car killer. So if you like destroying other cars and towing stuff then this mod is the one for. It’s built like a tank, the suspension is just crazy and it will never leave you stranded in the muddy trails.

Trackfab Autobello Buggy

This is a really fun mod to drive and crash. The buggy is fun to take off roads and crash into mountains and stuff. The handling of this vehicle is very interesting and overall is a well-made mod.


At number 14 this is the code name oldsfullsize. Now, this mod is very very old and it was one of the most used cars when I first played BeamNG Drive on my laptop. It has a nice engine sound and it good to see that the crash physics is just amazing for such an old mod. So definitely check this mod out if you do want to check out what some of the OG mods from back in the day looked like.


On the surface, ATLANTO seems like a perfectly created island map with unbeaten maps to explore but if you look closely you will find this map is actually hiding tons of dark secrets. ATLANTO features myths to discover. This ranges from weird sounds from forest to straight-up satanic houses on the hill. The map even features a haunted car. It is really fun to play.

ETK 1300

beamng mods

Here is an overpowered SUV in BeamNG. It is a brilliantly created car that blends perfectly with the game. It almost feels like it is made by the developers themselves. It has realistic crash animations and drives like crazy. ETK 1300 comes with different versions ranging from stock to insane variants.

How to Install mods in BeamNG Drive

To install mods in BeamNG just follow the below given steps:

  • Step 1: Download the mod (ZIP File) from the BeamNG website
  • Step 2: Open the BeamNG installation directory
  • Step 3: Place that ZIP File into the “mods” folder present in the directory
  • Step 4: The mod will now appear in the in-game Mod Manager

BeamNG Drive mods not working Fix

If BeamNG mods are not showing up for you then try updating the game. If it still doesn’t work then you should check whether the mod is properly installed or not and even try using other methods for installing the mods.

Best Site for BeamNG Mods

Official BeamNG Website. The official site provided by the developers is the only site you should use for downloading mods for BeamNG Drive. You should stay away from other sites as most of the content on them is either stolen or duplicated and it might contain malicious code.

I invite you to list down YOUR favorite mod in the comment section below. So that I can try them myself and even add them to this above list.