11 Best Assetto Corsa Mods to use in 2021

best Assetto Corsa Mods

Assetto Corsa Mods and Apps keep expanding every single month it becomes really hard to track which ones are worth it. While some new mods coming out are absolute gems and worth installing, others not really. They’re kind of passable. On this list, I’ll be showing you some of the Best Assetto Corsa Mods.

This article will have a bit of everything. From downloadable programs to tracks and everything in between. These choices come from my personal perspective and what I think is usable and actually essential. That means if some of your favorite mods aren’t here tell me in the comments what you think are usable mods for you.

Best Assetto Corsa Mods

  • CrewChief
  • Content Manager
  • Road America, Road Atlanta and Watkins Glen
  • GPL
  • HD Windshield Damage
  • RBS 1.13 (Real Billboards & Stuff)
  • McS TV Cam Pack
  • Sidekick
  • NFS Tournament Class A
  • NFS Tournament Class B
  • RSR Formula 3 

1. CrewChief

crewchief Best Assetto Corsa Mods

Crew Chief has been one of those applications that are running almost every time I’m going to talk about today. This program runs with most modern Sims. Crew Chief is extremely useful and surprisingly powerful. It will provide of course the services of a crew chief as the name suggests it provides the information on the road, what’s happening there, flags, car conditions, fuel, lap times, and much more.

If you choose to do so, the Crew Chief can interact with voice commands which include replying with the information that was asked for through to your microphone. For me, one of the most useful features is the Spotter. The Spotter will spot any cars in your vicinity telling you where they are, if they are clear, if they are left, if they are right.

You can even choose between voices, install your own packs and even activate swear modes on the base Crew Chief. You’ll become somewhat passive-aggressive which is in my opinion essential as it adds more immersion into the game.

Download CrewChief.

2. Content Manager

content manager

Content Manager is a powerful tool for Assetto Corsa that will substitute the original launcher for the game. It comes in 2 flavors one is FREE and another one is PAID ($1-$2) but the latter is really what I recommend. The paid one gives you even more powerful tools for your Assetto Corsa Usage.

Content Manager has a lot of tricks up its sleeves not only makes the regular stuff easier like creating your own races, car selection all in your palm of your hands with all of the settings. It also combines a lot of functionalities from different applications in one place like fixing sound issues or sound bugs. It has a powerful Showroom where you can change a lot of the lights of cars and create screenshots.

Content Manager also replaces the shader activation programs. Content Manager is also the best way if not the only way to run another essential mod which is called Assault. If you want to supercharge your Assetto Corsa launcher you should definitely try out Content Manager. Highly recommended.

Download Content Manager.

3. Road America, Road Atlanta and Watkins Glen

In my opinion, there’s a lack of classic American mod tracks being used from real racing into simulated racing systems. And because of it, I think all of these tracks fit the build quite well. They have that great ambience; they are well modelled and the layouts are pretty cool for most types of racing.

All of these tracks can be used for many types of racing from small cars like the MX-5s, small formulas to full-fledged GTs.

Watkins Glen is possible to use during the nighttime as it is compatible with the Shader packs adding immersion that comes with using these tracks. I believe these tracks should be in the rotation and they are absolutely worthwhile to run on if you want to add a bit of American spice to your Assetto Corsa without being in the Oval Office. These 3 tracks are absolutely one of the must-have Assetto Corsa Mods.

Download Road America, Download Road Atlanta, Download Watkins Glen.

4. GPL

If you are craving for a bit of the best Formula 1 vintage days actions, GPL is a mod you should definitely try out. It is made by a team of dedicated modders. They have worked tirelessly to bring a mod that is able to bring a slice of older day’s actions when courage was just as important as driving techniques. All the cars of the 1967 season are here. All of them with their own handling physics and charisma.

NOTE: It must be said that in order to completely use this mod you should have the Ferrari DLC pack. The GPL mod requires the model from that pack in order to complete. So guys if you enjoy vintage racing this one is essential downloaded.

Download GPL.

5. HD Windshield Damage

So this is a fantastic little mod that was originally out in 2016 and was updated in May of 2020. As the name suggests this mod changes the graphics on the broken windshield on Assetto Corsa. You can see the before and after pictures below. I don’t think it’s just the decal; it’s actually the way the light reflects through the glass.

Assetto Corsa Mod windshield

Just download the mod from here and drop it in the Assetto Corsa content and textures. Download HD Windshield Damage.

6. RBS 1.13 (Real Billboards & Stuff)

Next on the list is the RBS 1.13. Now, this is a fantastic mod and it is quite a popular mod on RaceDepartment. This mod emphasis a number of different things. So not only have you got some cool new graphics, billboard graphics, some of the decals, some of the actual people and spectators around the tracks but you’ve also got a number of seasonal changes to some of the other tracks that you might have installed on Assetto Corsa. So this is fantastic.

Download RBS 1.13 (Real Billboards & Stuff).

7. McS TV Cam Pack 

best assetto corsa mods

McS Tv Cam pack 1.13 this has actually been around for a while and it required a lot of work put into it. So, a big shout out to the modder on this. This mod just gives you far better TV cameras on a multitude of tracks. Installing this mod is a really simple copy and paste way. However, do back up any of the camera packs you want to keep because this will overwrite what’s already in there in the content and system folder.

Looking at these newly installed TV cameras we can say that they are so better quality than the ones that are actually on the standard game. You will get a number of more TV cameras to choose from. The TV cameras seem to track much better and if you’re watching this on an actual TV it feels like you are actually watching a real race. You can actually look at your own driving and judge what you’ve been doing on the track.

This add-on will work on a number of the main Kunos tracks and Standard tracks so check it out. Download McS TV Cam Pack.

8. Sidekick

best assetto corsa mods

Now I think I’m a little bit late to the party on this I’ve been driving Assetto Corsa for a number of months now and I have seen other players also using this mod. This is a fantastic little hood tool that just gives you so much customization on what you can see in your cars. This is whether you’re in the car itself or playing kind of a 3rd person. I will leave the link for the mod here. There you can learn about a lot of configs and options.

Sidekick is the evolution of the Race Essentials. This tool will give you information regarding your racing conditions, engine, speed, gears, traction control, lap times including last session best and overall best as well information regarding the tires.

NOTE: If you can see options for this mod in the game then you will need to turn it on from the game menu. You will need to make sure that the checkbox near the Sidekick is ticked.

Download Sidekick.

Best Assetto Corsa Car Mods

9. NFS Tournament Class A

Assetto Corsa car Mods

This is the Lamborghini Diablo and the Ferrari 512 Testarossa. Both are super awesome cars. I’m most definitely sure you’ll also agree that this is one of the best car mods for Assetto Corsa. The Graphics are stunning and the attention to detail is fantastic. Also, these 2 iconic cars were absolutely number one on the list for people to drive in the 80s and 90s. You can grab these iconic sports cars from the RaceDepartment website.

10. NFS Tournament Class B

Best Assetto Corsa Mods

This Class B pack comes with 3 cars we have the awesome Dodge Viper RT, Corvette ZR1 and last we have the Porsche 911. big shout out to A3DR and a number of the other modders that have all put together this awesome pack. Download NFS Tournament Class B.

11. RSR Formula 3

Best Assetto Corsa car Mods

RSR Formula 3 version 4.0 by Andrea Lojelo. This car is great as you can see it gives you a number of full Formula 3 skin packs along with a 4K skin pack and a 2K skin pack. So do check this mod out on the RaceDepartment website.

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