8 Best Assetto Corsa Drift Mods

assetto corsa best drift mods

Assetto Corsa is one of the best car driving/racing games of all time. The game provides some top of the line driving experience on PC. The game by default is super great and enough to fill most of your desires. However mods can enhance that experience and take it to a next level. There are so many great Assetto Corsa mods on the internet.

One of the major driving mechanics is the ability of the cars to drift. Drifting is awesome. It is even more awesome in Assetto Corsa. But the base version of the game doesn’t do much when it comes to drifting. Here are some of the best Drifting mods for Assetto Corsa you need to check right now.

I have included both the drifting car mods and drifting tracks. Tracks are as important as the car itself. So that’s why I have included more drifting tracks than cars so that you can try all of them and not get bored.

Best Assetto Corsa Drift Mods

Getting a car sideways is an art that requires delicate balancing and concentration. Below is the list of some of the Best Drift Mods for Assetto Cars that you should use to practice your drifting.

  1. World Drift Tour Car Pack 2021
  2. VDC Public Car Pack 2.0
  3. Downsyde Garage Car Pack 2021
  4. Meihan 2020 Drift Track
  5. DTP Drift Mod Pack
  6. Usui Pass 1.0
  7. Playground Touge Drift Circuit
  8. Ebisu Touge and Ebisu Minami

1. World Drift Tour Car Pack 2021

best assetto corsa drift mods

This is so far the best drift car pack that you can get for Assetto Corsa. It has tons of content and the pack is updated frequently. The 2021 update brought new additions to the mod. You can see the list below.

  • 8 drift race cars
  • Custom body kits, rims, interiors by “high dimension”
  • The most realistic physics model we ever done
  • Extremely well-balanced cars (Power ratio, grip rate and equivalence)

The mod has 2 additional sub packs. The first one is Street Car Pack which includes 11 drift classic street drift cars. The Street Car Pack is an entry-level drifting pack. The next one is really fun. The Winter Pack brings 7 new cars and 6 snowy drift tracks, specialized cars with modified snow tires. The Winter pack also improves the cars driving and handling physics. Additionally, it also features a very fun Winter Battle mode.

2. VDC Public Car Pack 2.0

assetto corsa mods

This is a work in progress car pack intended towards replacing all the old Public Cars. The new cars will have improved handling physics and gameplay tweaks. The modders have promised to replace all existing Public Cars over a span of next few months. One thing I like about this mod is that it the modders have given individual attention to every car in the pack. For eg: They have added a left-hand drive to the RPS13.

Featured cars in this pack:

  • VDC Toyota Supra A90 Public 2 0
  • VDC BMW F22 M2 Eurofighter Public 2 0
  • VDC Chevrolet Corvette C6 Public 2 0
  • VDC Mazda RX7 FD3S 20B Public 2 0
  • VDC Nissan Silvia PS13 Public 2 0
  • VDC Nissan GT R DAMD Public 2 0
  • VDC Nissan Sillvia RPS13 Public 2 0
  • VDC Nissan Silvia S15 Public 2 0
  • VDC Toyota Mark II ZJX100 Public 2 0

3. Downsyde Garage Car Pack 2021

The Downsyde Garage Car Pack is another car pack with just 2 cars in its belly. The PV Chaser and the BeeR B324R. The Chaser is made as closely similar to the original car from which it was inspired. While playing multiplayer the boost will spawn at 60%.

The second which is the BeeR B324R was initially intended to perform like the original car from 2007-10 RB26, TD06, RB Gearbox. But the development of such a thing to implement in Assetto Corsa was very difficult. So the modders decided to put an HKS VCAM RB26 in it with a CD009 and a Winters diff.

Also see:

4. Meihan 2020 Drift Track

assetto corsa drift tracks

This is a complete rework of the Meihan map. This modified version has better 3d work, optimization, textures, shaders, lights, etc. A few bugs have also been debugged in this version like the Z-lightning one and this version also adds 3 new camera sets and an improved AI. For those who don’t know Meihan is a classic map for Assetto Corsa. The track is completely flat but the corners are very very challenging.

Includes seasons, grassFX, full light config, dynamic cherry blossom trees, and more!

This is an entirely new Meihan. Built from the ground up with improved scale and elevation, making it the most accurate version available to Assetto Corsa.

5. DTP Drift Mod Pack

DTP includes purposefully build drift cars and tracks. It has a great sound system and a better physics system. The mod lets you play with a broad range of cars. My recommendation would be that you must choose one pack between this and the World Drift Tour Car Pack to start and master the art of drifting in Assetto Corsa.

6. Usui Pass 1.0

assetto corsa drift mods

This is a very nice and pleasant drift track for Assetto Corsa. It was previously being developed for rFactor 1 but because the development time took more than expected the developer began to work on the Assetto Corsa. The track is now complete and is available for download. The track does look good in the Assetto Corsa though.

Unlike other drift tracks on this list, Usui Pass is not that slow and tight. So you are not always stuck on the 2nd gear and can drift with more freedom and flexibility. If you are interested in Tokyo drifting, I can’t recommend Usui enough.

7. Playground Touge Drift Circuit

Playground Touge Drift Circuit is a very basic drift track for Assetto Corsa with lots of twists and turns. I like to challenge myself to drift all the way through the 0.85 KM length of the circuit without breaking the momentum. This track is perfect for newbie drifters to practice and improve their skills.

The track is based on a real place. It also features substantial elevation change and tight space. This is a simple yet challenging track to drift on. This track will definitely test your technical abilities.

8. Ebisu Touge and Ebisu Minami

best assetto corsa drift mods
Ebisu Minami

Ebisu is an infamous track pack composed of several delightful tracks that Assetto Corsa drifter will definitely love. It has some good tracks but my favorites are Ebisu Touge and Ebisu Minami. Obviously, these tracks have great elevation change that replicates Tokyo roads. It’s highly recommended to check one of these tracks out as they are very renowned in the drifting world.

So I hope this list will help you to master this art. Also if you have any suggestions do mention them in the comments section below so that I can look into them.

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