Battlefield Design Lead Fawzi Mesmar Leaves DICE After 2042

Battlefield Design Lead Fawzi Mesmar Leaves DICE After 2042

Fawzi Mesmar, who has been chief designer in sagas such as Battlefield O Star Wars Battlefront, has announced its departure from the DICE study: Tomorrow November 26 will be your last day. The news comes precisely at a somewhat tense moment for the first-person shooter saga: the launch of Battlefield 2042 has been plagued with complaints and negative reviews from players, who have not hesitated to point out the flaws and missing content in the title.

Fawzi Mesmar leaves the offices of DICE after the debut of Battlefield 2042

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the best design teams in the galaxy.“Mesmar wrote in his email sent to staff.” The incredible design work you do continues to inspire me every day. Thank you for putting a bit of faith in me, I hope I haven’t disappointed you. “But the truth is that the players are not particularly happy: bugs in the hitboxes of the specialists or bugs that allow hiding helicopters are some of the obstacles they find when it comes to enjoying Battlefield 2042 as expected.

They made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse in another company that has been kind enough to wait for me until we had launched [Battlefield 2042]”Mesmar continues explaining, who seems to be traveling to a Stockholm company.” It was very important for me to be here with the team as we achieved this historic milestone. While Oskar [Gabrielson, director general del estudio] and I have been talking about my succession for some time now, something to be announced in due course, we opted to delay this release until after the game’s debut to keep the focus on the game. We have been making a monumental effort“.

“They made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.”

From Electronic Arts they have spoken about it in statements collected by VGC: “Fawzi Mesmar leaving DICE at the end of the week. We wish him the best in his future projects. “It should be noted that this change of hands in the position of chief designer will not affect the plans established by DICE to improve the experience of Battlefield 2042 through your upgrade plan.

We remind you that Battlefield 2042 It is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. “A spectacular delivery at a visual level, fun in the playable and low content,” we wrote in our analysis. We also recommend consulting them our guide of tips and tricks to give it your all on the battlefield.