Battlefield 2042 will receive a major update: Park 4.0 will include 400 more

Kevin Johnson, community manager of DICE in Electronic Arts, has announced the travs of su Twitter personal account que Battlefield 2042 will receive a large update every week that comes. Se trata del parche 4.0a update que traer ms of 400 mejoras and solutions the first person multi-player. Although he did not specify the totality of these news, Johnson shared some of the most important news of this update.

For example, the 4.0 update Battlefield 2042 traer ciertos cambios in specialists like Rao and Paikwhich is updated on its capabilities, o Sundance, which also modifies certain aspects of its usability. Additionally we will cover other aspects like the velocity to what gallons follow the amount of experience we gain when we work as a team, with the idea of ​​potentiating cooperation between players.

Combos on combat with vehicles and personalized armor

It was also announced shifts in the combat system with vehicles, in order to improve its usability to avoid problems such as repairing damaged vehicles around obstacles will be destroyed. As for the las armasare receiving the best in the personalization system so that we can adapt to our preferred style of play, with the intention that we can configure them to be nice.

El community manager Explain that these are the best that have summed up the surface of the update 4.0 the Battlefield 2042a park of which we will know all the news when it is public the week that comes. With this series of bests, solutions and additions, the company pretends to correct some of the main failures of those who have joined the community and that he has played in losing simultaneous users has been included bajar de los 1000 en Steam, con un rendemiento peor que el de antteriores entregas de la franquicia.

Battlefield 2042 is available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can read our analysis here and make a visit to our gua aqu.

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