Battlefield 2042 will introduce shifts in maps and vehicles

Battlefield 2042the shooter in the first person of DICE and Electronic Arts centered exclusively on the multi-player experience, no comenz with buen pie debido a una considerable amount of errors which he had acquired in a general disintegration by the players. Although it is probable that the next story in the saga turns out to be a treat for reuniting fans who are discontinued, DICE promises the principles of the past month in March that will almost certainly be better based on feedback of the players. Segn informed Adam Freeman, a member of EA, that he was seeking an agreement blog of the game, the ttulo empezar a recibir sambanciales cambios in its maps and vehicles prximamente.

We will continue with the list of changes that will be introduced in a future case, even if the big races and the previous ones are summarized as modifications and different scales in the mapsfrom the small changes in the elevation of the terrain, has the elimination of entering zones with the ability to reduce its enormous size, breaths of one reorganizacin de los vehculos.

Organization and distribution of vehicles

  • We are going to reduce the number of vehicles and attack helicopters that can be active at any given time in 128-player modes for categories 3 to 2. This means that solo podrs find 2 tanks and 2 attack helicopters available, in place of 3 each.
  • We will increase the time of rehabilitation of vehicles and attack helicopters of 60 to 120 seconds.
  • As mentioned above, the MD540 Nightbird passes the attack helicopter transport category, and the MC5 Bolte also passes the attack vehicle transport category.

How are the cambios introduced?

In the blog of Battlefield 2042we can learn that “the first changes we make are in the game and the availability of the vehicles, estarn lists in the first update of the first season; we acknowledge that we are in favor of releasing these updates so we can share more details “.

“There are now several different update lists for our other launch maps along with the necessary visuals for all the maps listed for the battle. I have a lot of work to do“as we hope that we will be able to keep track of these updates during the first season, and that we will change our plans during the second”, concluded Freeman’s communication.

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