Battlefield 2042 updated with Voice IP, scoreboard and more – Note 4.0

Electronic Arts and DICE recently announced that Battlefield 2042 has a great update with ms of 400 mejoras. Now those in charge of the game have confirmed that the park 4.0 will be launched on April 19that 10: 00h (penal time) on all platforms available Battlefieldes decir, on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Before the release of this update, those responsible for the game have published them notes from the park Officials in which we can see the news ms destacadas que llegarn maana a Battlefield 2042. Some of them are known as comics balance for specialist specialists like Rao, Paik and Sundance, the velocity to which gallant consults, cambios en el combate en vehculos and in the Armas personalization system.

Other news from Park 4.0 of Battlefield 2042

But, obviously, hay ms: also integrates a new system of Voice IP, a voice chat that we allow ourselves to communicate with the other players of our Patrol or with the Group in general, depending on the option we choose. Tambin has implemented the option to see it Scoreboard for the final of each round. Adems, by supuesto, se han realizado “cientos de cambios y correcciones”, segn explican los responsables del juego, que tambin destacan “los cambios to the accessories, corrections to the search for objectsCorrections to the equipment and corrections for the players that can not be used with the mira tras salir of a vehicle “.

These are some of the best ones that we can find to install the 4.0 update from Battlefield 2042a park that has come to demonstrate the compromise of the developers to continue further an agreement that has not yet been convened by the community. Tras is updating, but otherwise is forecast for the month of Mayothe cual will focus on life quality enhancements and corrections of prevalent errors in the launch of the Temporada 1.

Battlefield 2042 is available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. One Vandal podis read our game analysis and consult our gua.

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