Battlefield 2042 Prime Gaming, how do I get the rewards on Twitch?

Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers will have access to exclusive rewards on Battlefield 2042. Here we explain how to claim the rewards on Twitch.

In addition to being the main streaming platform, Twitch offers players to earn exclusive rewards with the Prime Gaming subscription. Among the games concerned we find Battlefield 2042 which allows players to collect cosmetic items for free.

Prime Gaming rewards will arrive in Battlefield 2042 at the beginning of the month of december 2021. These rewards will be a priori skins for Specialists, weapons and vehicles.

How do I claim Twitch Prime Gaming rewards on Battlefield 2042?

As of yet, Electronic Arts (EA) has yet to reveal the release date or exact content of the Twitch Prime Gaming rewards packs. However, as Charlie Intel relays, these exclusive items should arrive early December 2021. The content would be skins for Specialists, weapons and vehicles (source).

To claim these exclusive rewards, the procedure will be the same on Battlefield 2042 as for other games. Find below the steps to follow.

  • Have a Twitch Prime Gaming subscription (included in Amazon Prime) active.
  • Link your Battlefield 2042 / Electronic Arts account with Twitch Prime Gaming on the official website.
  • Click on Get in the notifications that appear when you are logged in to
  • After receiving the confirmation message the rewards will be directly in the inventory de Battlefield 2042.

Remember that it is possible to have a one-month free trial of Prime Gaming. Players can also claim exclusive rewards from Call of Duty: Warzone and FIFA 22 for example.

Prime Gaming rewards are symbolized by the crown icon

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