Battlefield 2042 players take advantage of a bug to hide their helicopters

Battlefield 2042 players take advantage of a bug to hide their helicopters

Despite its high quality in general terms, the Achilles heel of the saga Battlefield they have always been their rushed releases. The new multiplayer-focused war shooter from DICE and EA has debuted on Steam to overwhelmingly negative reviews for the game. large amount of bugs and performance problems that the game has suffered even before its launch. Those players who have already been able to enter the games of Battlefield 2042 have detected multiple failures in the hitboxes of some specialists and, according to reports from VG247, a bug in the buildings on a map allows you to hide helicopters.

As you can see in the attached video, there are some buildings in Battlefield 2042 that completely lack collision system, so some users have taken advantage of the bug to hide their helicopters and set totally unpredictable ambushes to the rest of the players in the game. This bug can generate certain imbalances in online games because those who take advantage of it have a clear advantage over their enemies, so we imagine that it will be corrected in subsequent updates that will fix this and many other programming bugs.

A bug that occurs in remote areas of the map

A curious detail is that this failure in the buildings only appears in the furthest areas of the map. As you well know, Battlefield 2042 It has the largest maps of the saga to house the 128 players that support their games, so it seems that those areas farthest in those with no interest points have received much less polish than the main combat zones. Simply put, buildings are not 3D objects as such, and the absence of a collision system allows players to traverse them as if there were no surfaces.