Battlefield 2042 is currently the lowest-rated installment of the saga on Metacritic

Battlefield 2042 is currently the lowest-rated installment of the saga on Metacritic

It can be said without fear of being wrong that Battlefield 2042 it has not started its journey in the market with the best foot. In fact, it seems more like he has sprained an ankle and has stamped himself against the avalanche of negative comments that the players have emitted. Technical failures or lack of content are some of the problems reported by users. That has made the title of DICE not that it is less valued than My friend Peppa Pig, but we are also facing the delivery with the worst grade of the entire saga in Metacritic.

Battlefield 2042, the one with the worst grade in the class

As the days wore on, the note from Battlefield 2042 in Metacritic he was descending to abyssal places. In fact, as we write these lines, la give money PC It has a 70/100 by the specialized media (63 reviews), which will be a pass. But, if we look at the users’ score, we can see that it has a score of 2.3 (3738 reviews). The game’s rating has been declining so much that it is already the installment of the DICE saga with the worst grade.

From the development study they have echoed the situation. While games like Farming Simulator 22 manages to surpass Battlefield 2042 In the number of players on Steam, it seems that DICE is trying to take control of the situation by providing new updates. “In the coming weeks we will share more details on future arrangements, balance changes and quality of life improvements,” writes Adam Freeman, EA’s lead Community Manager for your European studies.

Battlefield 2042 suspends on the worst grade in the entire saga

Freeman promised that within the next 30 days they would release two more updates for the game. Although the first one will contain “fixes and improvements” for the problems that they have been detecting, the second of them will be “bigger size and relevance”. At the moment, it appears that DICE has work to do in providing players with the quality they have hoped for. We recently learned that Fawzi Mesmar, Head of Design for Battlefield, had left the DICE offices after the launch of 2042. “They made me an offer that I could not refuse,” Mesmar justified his departure.

“The prestigious saga of multiplayer shooters returns with a spectacular delivery on a visual level, fun as playable and lacking in content“, we write in our analysis. We also leave you here our guide to help you on the battlefield. Battlefield 2042 It is available on both PC and PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.