Battlefield 2042: Huge Update Coming Today Adding Over 300 Fixes To The Game

Battlefield 2042: Huge Update Coming Today Adding Over 300 Fixes To The Game

Battlefield 2042 He is fighting his own battle with himself. After its first two weeks on the market, the title has lost thousands of players. Not being enough with that, it is the lowest rated installment of the saga, so the outlook is at least delicate for the most recent work of DICE. That is why the development studio has got down to work to work on everything that is necessary, so that this new Battlefield is at the height of the players. Without going any further, the largest update to date will be available today Thursday: a patch that adds over 300 fixes, from quality of life to balance, through other technical issues.

Battlefield 2042 adds over 300 fixes to the game in its largest patch to date

Optimize and polish. That’s what DICE is doing after they have accumulated a whole avalanche of negative reviews from players. The patch, which will be available today Thursday, offer “smoother gameplay” thanks to the fact that it is used to fix problems of spawn or appearance in the game; as well as visual failures, collisions … it also adds balance changes and improvements in the quality of life of Battlefield 2042.

“With this update, we are addressing more bugs and feedback that we have been observing through your games since November 12 “, explains DICE in a publication of his blog. “This means you can wait a host of fixes, balance changes, and quality of life improvements. And finally, when we get into the preseason, there are also some new things to look forward to! “

Weekly missions are coming after this huge update

The patch has also included audio improvements, rendering and some adjustments for weapons, vehicles and specialists, the characters that we can use in each game. At the same time, DICE has improved the user interface so that the elements of this menu are more visible. We will also receive another smaller update earlier this December, which will focus on including more changes to game balance and new “general bug” fixes.

After the launch of this huge patch, the development studio has other plans in place: DICE to start rolling out the weekly missions (three per week). Players can complete them to gain unique experience and rewards. To consult all the patch notes, we invite you to visit their official website.

“The prestigious saga of multiplayer shooters returns with a delivery spectacular on a visual level, fun in the playable and scarce of content“, we write in our analysis. In addition, to help you on the battlefield, we also invite you to consult our guide tips and tricks.