AVM warns of phishing mails with a FRITZ! Box answering machine message attached

Briefly informed: The message just came in via the Telegram ticker from AVM that there are currently phishing mails in circulation with a FRITZ! Box answering machine message attached.

“The phishing e-mail replicates the content of a FRITZ! Box push service e-mail and states that it will contain an answering machine message as an attachment. However, the attachment is malware. If you use the FRITZ! Box push service, you should carry out the following steps to verify the email:

  • Compare the sender of the e-mail with the sender you configured for the FRITZ! Box push service.
  • Check whether the phone number mentioned in the email corresponds to one of your own phone numbers set up in your FRITZ! Box.
  • Check that the attachment in the email has the file extension “wav”. “

But it’s not just this. Attempts are made again and again to gain access to data via fake emails or to smear malware. Therefore, it is always better to look twice before opening any attachment. Even if the message sounds trustworthy.

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