Arma Reforger: How long will Early Access last?

Bohemia Interactive had made an appointment with its community on May 17, 2021, to discuss the future of Arma. Unsurprisingly, with the leaks, it’s Arma Reforge which has been announced, a game to link with Arma 4, which is in development. Obviously, almost ten years after the release of Arma III, players were delighted with this announcement and a large part rushed to Steam, in order to buy and download the game as soon as it was available.

However, some people wonder during how long Arma Reforger will stay in Early Access.

How long for Arma Reforger Early Access?

It is always difficult for developers to estimate the duration of an early access, since many factors have to be taken into account. Depending on the popularity of the game, Early Access may last longer, as is the case with Valheim. However, in the case ofArma ReforgeBohemia Interactive has plans that seem well established, since version 1.0 should arrive a year after the initial launch. The developers plan one year early accessmax.

Thereby, the end of early access, and therefore the release of Arma Reforger 1.0 is expected for the end of spring 2023, if all goes well. In any case, the Czech studio will keep its community informed, while adding content from time to time, to flesh out the experience.

Moreover, Bohemia Interactive justifies the choice of early access to allow the evolution of the title with the community and its feedback. This echoes the habits of the studio, which has very often surveyed the players.

Following previous releases, we realized that it was vital to rely on players to make adjustments and fine-tune the game, in order to achieve a satisfactory result for us and our community.

Arma Reforge is available now in Early Access on Steam and Xbox for €29.99. If you don’t know if your PC will hold up, the minimum and recommended configurations can be found in this article.

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