Apple’s infamous AR / VR headset could be pushed back to 2023

It’s almost like they’re starting to believe in the release of Apple’s AR / VR headset this year, but here’s the thing. Bloomberg shower hopes. The famous helmet would ultimately not be available before 2023, according to Mark Gurman and his acolytes.

In question, difficulties with the cameras, the software and the thermal management. That’s a lot for a product whose presentation would have been scheduled for a while at WWDC 2022. The year 2022 had nevertheless returned in an insistent manner recently, with even some technical details suggesting that the end of the tunnel was not very far. .

Apple headphones according to Antonio De Rosa.

Finally, this brand new product may not be announced until the end of this year, at best, with a commercialization in 2023. The development of this headset compatible with both augmented reality and virtual reality would have started in 2015 and would mobilize more than 2,000 people.

Always after Bloomberg, WWDC 2023 should focus on creating apps for this new device. Until then, Apple could quietly start its support in iOS 16 (codenamed Sydney), which is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2022. At this event, Apple could casually present new technologies that will serve more late at the headset, like her does it regularly upstream new products.

This headset would be a very high-end product equipped in particular with two processors and multiple cameras. Given its price which could reach $ 2,000, Apple would get used to the idea of ​​selling a relatively limited quantity, around 7 to 10 million during its first year of marketing.