Apple will manufacture iPhone 14 in India from release

Apple’s key partner, Foxconn, has factories to produce iPhones in several countries around the world. Smartphones are produced not only in China, but also, for example, in Brazil and India. However, Chinese shipments are always prioritized when it comes to global supplies. However, with the release of Phone 14, everything can change.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says at least one of the new models will be produced in India at the same time as China. If the information turns out to be reliable, then this will be the first time that the production of a next-generation smartphone will begin in another country at the same time as China.

As Kuo noted, it usually takes several months to launch a new iPhone outside of China. For example, Foxconn started assembling the iPhone 13 in India in April of this year, and the factory in Brazil was up and running a few weeks later.

Of course, iPhone production in other countries is aimed not at meeting international demand, but at serving local markets. According to Kuo, the capacity of the plant in India will not be enough to fill the gap caused by problems in China in the short term. However, the simultaneous launch of production in other countries will be “an important milestone for Apple.”

The analyst emphasizes that the company’s decision to speed up production of the iPhone 14 in India is due to the geopolitical impact on the supply chain.

Kuo: Apple to start iPhone 14 production simultaneously in India and China

Apple’s key partner Foxconn has iPhone production lines in a few other places in the world outside of China, such as Brazil and India. However, China’s operations remain the most important when it comes to worldwide iPhone shipments. This time, however, it seems that Apple will begin production of t…

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