Apple Watch Series 7 has a full keyboard, but does not work in Dutch

Apple Watch Series 7 keyboard in Dutch not possible.

Apple has made sending messages via the Apple Watch easier in recent years. You may have gotten used to dictating messages by now, but Apple also offers the Scribble feature on the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, that function still does not work in cc. Is there any good news for the new full keyboard in the Apple Watch Series 7? Unfortunately we have to disappoint you.

Apple Watch Series 7 gets full keyboard

The Apple Watch Series 7 has a larger display, because the screen edges are a lot smaller. Apple has adapted watchOS for this, so that buttons are easier to reach and more content fits on the screen. For example, you can see more of a single message, without having to scroll. But there is also a whole new function: a full keyboard. You can both tap to type and swipe, Apple already demonstrated.

For a long time it was questionable whether this keyboard also works in cc. On Apple’s cc page of the Apple Watch Series 7, there is not a word about the new keyboard. It is explained on the English pages, but on the cc version this has been omitted. The Scribble function is not described here either, but we already knew that it is not supported in cc. For the definitive answer we had to wait for the first experiences.

We have already been able to use the Apple Watch Series 7 and can now report that the keyboard on the Apple Watch is indeed not is supported in cc. Both tapping and swiping are not available in our language. With the cc language setting you can still only use the dictation function.

Apple Watch Series 7 with dictation in Dutch.

Strangely enough, the keyboard is also not available for other languages, such as German. So the new Apple Watch keyboard only works in English and simplified Chinese. If you do want to use this in the Netherlands, you can get around this by adding the English language as an option. This trick already works for Scribble. The disadvantage of this detour is that the Apple Watch then tries to make English words from your cc input. The autocorrect often throws a spanner in the works.

No cc swipe keyboard on the Apple Watch

It is still a mystery why this keyboard does not work in cc. On the iPhone, you can use the QuickPath swipe keyboard in cc from iOS 15. But Apple, for whatever reason, simply doesn’t seem to want to add cc to the keyboard and Scribble on the Apple Watch. It remains to be seen what the reason for this is. It is not clear when the cc support will be added.


  • 2021 – October 14, 15:33: Article updated to confirm that the keyboard does not work in cc.