Apple takes on data brokers and auctions with new ‘Privacy on iPhone’ ad campaign

Today, Apple is launching a new worldwide advertising campaign that further highlights the company’s focus on privacy. This time around, Apple is taking on the subject of data brokers with a new ad called “Privacy on the iPhone.” In addition to the 90-second ads that will be displayed on social media and YouTube, Apple is also running billboards and other forms of ads calling for “iPhone privacy.”

Apple’s latest privacy ad

Apple’s new ad campaign focuses on data auctions and data brokers. The emphasis is on how companies collect user data and then sell it to third parties for advertising. Apple, of course, highlights how features built into iOS like app tracking transparency, app privacy reporting, and mail privacy protection help users fight these data brokers.

The ad takes a real-life approach to how these data auctions and data brokers work. It shows the process of companies and advertising bids on user data and what that data is ultimately used for.

“The iPhone has privacy features like app tracking transparency and mail privacy protection that help you control who sees your data and who doesn’t,” Apple explains.

Details of app privacy report feature:

In iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2, you can turn on the app privacy report to see details about how often apps access your data, such as your location, camera, microphone, and more. You can also view online activity information each application and web site activity, as well as the web domains that all applications communicate with most frequently. Together with the Privacy Nutrition Report labels, the App Privacy Report will help you gain a better understanding of how the apps you use handle your data.

And about app tracking transparency:

In iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, and tvOS 14.5, apps must ask permission before they can track your activity on other companies’ apps and websites. Tracking occurs when information that identifies you or your device, collected from an app, is linked to information that identifies you or your device, collected from apps, websites, and other places owned by third parties, for the purpose of targeting advertising or advertising measurement, or when information collected data is transmitted to data brokers.

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Mail Privacy Report is a feature that prevents email senders from tracking information such as the time and number of email views, the number of redirects, your IP address, and other data.

You can see the full version of “Privacy on iPhone | Data Auction” below. In addition to the video itself, which airs on Youtube, TV and other channels, Apple is also rolling out a campaign that will place billboards in major cities emphasizing that “Privacy. It’s an iPhone.”