Apple Subsidiary Claris Releases FileMaker 19.5 Update

Claris, an Apple subsidiary, this week released a new update to FileMaker, its cross-platform relational database software. FileMaker 19.5 includes support for new JSON features as well as security and general improvements.

The FileMaker update makes the platform more secure, the company says. For example, remote FMP URLs now require approval and users can be notified before the FMP URL opens the file. In FileMaker 19.5, the platform now supports more JSON features such as JSONGetElementType, GetLiveText, and ReadQRCode.

With these functions, developers can get the text found in the image of the specified container using the same algorithm as Apple’s Live Text, and also read the QR code from the image.

For scripts, FileMaker now allows you to save data from the current window by leaving the “Window Name” option blank in the “Save a copy as XML” and “Save a copy as an optional package” script steps. Another important improvement is the preservation of an empty tab order for copied objects, so that the pasted object no longer has a tab order.

Claris FileMaker Pro 19.5 provides security and convenience updates that make development safer and easier. We’re excited to use these new updates in Claris FileMaker 19.5 to continue helping you build your own applications.

You can check out some of the bugs that have been fixed in the update below:

You can now replace an existing license certificate file at any time without leaving FileMaker Pro. See Replacing the License Certificate File in FileMaker Pro Help. Modification Detection Code 2 (MDC2) has been deprecated by OpenSSL and has now been removed as an algorithm parameter from various FileMaker Pro cryptographic functions. Windows: When multiple container field objects in a layout contained mixed optimization options (such as Images and Live Content) in Inspector > Data > Data Formatting, and the objects were jointly selected in layout mode, radio buttons “Optimize for in Inspector stopped responding. macOS: Calculation field styles were not displayed in table view for FileMaker Pro 19.4.1 when the table view was wider than the layout width and the calculation columns were further to the right than the edge of the layout. macOS: Removing the macOS shortcut from FileMaker Pro preferences also removes any entries under the deleted entry.

Updates are now available for existing FileMaker clients. New customers can start a free trial right now.