Apple Music comes to new Audi cars. Listen to any music without your phone.

Audi owners with a car with model year 2022 should now be able to access Apple Music in their car without having to connect their iPhone via Bluetooth or USB. Cars that are delivered now will have the function from the start and cars that are already rolling on the roads will have the function with a free over-the-air update. Exactly which models get Apple Music does not say Audi, but they should be most of them.

Once the update is installed, just log in with your Apple ID in the car. In Europe, users will be able to stream their first 3 GB for free, it will then be possible to buy some kind of subscription.

Audi already has Apple CarPlay in its cars, where it is also possible to access Apple’s music streaming service.

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Photo: Audi

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Photo: Audi

Porsche Taycan comes with Apple Music

First car with Apple Music app

We have seen cars with Spotify, Pandora and other services directly in the system before and now it’s time for Apple Music. And it’s not just any car that will get the app but Porsche’s new Taycan. If you buy a Taycan, you get six months of Apple Music for free and the app is thus integrated into Porsche’s system. The app is actually so integrated that if you listen to the radio and hear a good song, you can with one click listen to it in Apple Music. You should also be able to control Apple Music with the built-in voice assistant. If you do not like Apple Music but run an iPhone, you can use CarPlay instead. Taycan is the first of several Porsche models to receive Apple Music. Whether it will be an exclusive collaboration or not remains to be seen.


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