Apple AR/VR headset likely to launch in January, says Ming-Chi Kuo

According to trusted supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s mixed reality headset is “likely to be released in January 2023.” The latest release date prediction has been published in a new analyst note that looks at the growth directions of the VR headset industry.

Apple VR headset release

Specifically, the analysis looks at how the industry will change in the coming months as Facebook, which has become Meta, will have to deal with an iPhone maker that competes in the VR headset market. Kuo claims that Meta has played a key role in the growth of the VR industry over the past few years by selling VR headsets cheaper.

Kuo said the VR industry is maturing so much that moving away from Meta won’t hurt the industry. Instead, Meta, by reducing its investment in VR hardware, will benefit other VR headset makers as the industry expands.

“In addition, the huge potential demand in the Chinese market and Apple AR/MR, which will likely be released in January 2023, will also contribute to the further rapid growth of the headset sector,” Kuo writes. This is ahead of schedule compared to Kuo’s forecast earlier this month.

It was once thought that Apple’s mixed reality headset could be released in 2022, but both hardware and software failures have taken longer to develop.

Changing the rules of the game in the industry

The analyst also suspects that Meta may abandon its short-term investment in virtual reality equipment as it refocuses on its core business model. Facebook ads have become a concern at Meta, thanks in part to Apple’s ATT privacy policy on the iPhone.

As for Apple, Kuo says the company is “a game-changer in the headset industry.”

“While Apple has repeatedly reaffirmed its focus on AR, I believe that Apple AR/MR with video pass-through support can also offer a great immersive experience,” predicts Kuo. “Therefore, the launch of Apple AR/MR will further increase the demand for immersive games and multimedia entertainment.”

The analyst goes on to describe Apple’s headset as “the most complex product Apple has ever developed,” which says something about the iPhone company.

Finally, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple’s competitors will emulate the company’s mixed reality headset designs and drive the entire industry forward as a result.

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