Apex Legends Mobile is available for free on iOS and Android

La versin mvil del exitoso Apex Legends it is available for free for iOS and Android users. Desde Respawn Entertainment y Electronic Arts han querido celebrant de esperado estreno de esta versin, la cual consideran una independent experience, brindndonos ms informacin acerca de la Temporada 1 the Apex Legends Mobile and offer a new look at the jugabilidad in a triler which can be both these lines.

Contents of the Temporada 1st de Apex Legends Mobile

La llegada de Apex Legends Mobile a disposable mviles coincides with the arrangement of the Temporada 1 and with the presentation of the first Leyenda, Fadea super “a spear soldier who approves the technology and that has a powerful tactical ability that allows him to clean up before an encounter and the ability to compensate both the offensive game as the defensive”, explains the players in charge of the game.

From today also available the experience mvil Deathmatch for Apex Legends Mobile, as com el Prime Time Battle Pass, a step of battle with the one who can consume cosmic objects. This is not all in the first season of the game: it also hopes for new content, limited time game modes, Ms. Leyendas, new Tomas de la Ciudad and specific content for each game.

“We can simply transfer Apex Legends on iOS and Android “

Giovanni Ducati, project directorwanted to celebrate the stride of this game for mviles with some statements in the one that he added some ms luz about the new experience: “En Apex Legends Mobile tenamos present to the player mvil from the comenzo, for which we know that we can not simply transfer Apex Legends on iOS and Android. For this, hemos tenido que construir Apex Legends Mobile from ceroto create an experience that is not only going to be fast, intense and innovative like the original Apex Legends, it means that it also has a unique and new content experience for mvil “.

Apex Legends Mobile it is available for free in iOS and Android.

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