Apex Legends: June 21 Update, Details – Apex Legends

Alongside the arrival of the Awakening Collectible Event on Apex Legends, the developers are releasing an update aimed at making some major changes. In addition to the fixes implemented, the weapons we can craft will change, since the R-301 and the Rampage can no longer be crafted, and are replaced by the Wingman and the CAR.

For the rest, you can find all the changes brought by the Tuesday June 21st update on Apex Legends in the patch notes below.

June 21 update patch notes


  • The game time limit has been reactivated and the implementation of new logic to determine the end of the game should solve the problem of early game ending.
  • Gives players a full ultimate when they respawn if they had one when they died.
  • Adjusted the Rankings given when you spawn at the base, from 75% to 50% of the next level.
  • Fixed an issue where players on the late game podium would end up in random positions instead of being grouped with their squad.
  • Reduced time between spawn waves…
    • Max time on death screen reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • Max time between spawn waves reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Max time of the first spawn wave reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Highlighting on enemies and enemy vehicles has been disabled.
  • Forces players to clear neutral point capture progress before starting capture progress for their own team; if the enemy team has made progress in capturing a neutral point.
  • Increased the capture rate of objectives based on the number of players present when capturing.
    • 1 = x1
    • 2 = x1.5
    • 3 = x2
    • 4 = x2.5
    • 5 = x2.5
    • 6 = x2.75
    • 7 = x3
    • 8 = x3
    • 9 = x3
  • Havoc turbocharger moved to purple tier.
  • You can equip 3X scopes on machine guns and assault rifles in the equipment selection menu.
  • You can equip 4X-8X scopes on sniper rifles in the equipment selection menu.
  • Equipment for long range weapons and sniper rifles have been merged to create a single Long Range equipment. A Specialist gear category has been added to give players more close and mid-range combat options.
  • Updated spawn logic to prevent players from spawning near enemies.
  • Players now get Rank for team actions like Area Neutralize or Capture, even if they participate in the action and also get Personal Rank (previously player got one or the other) .
  • Players no longer get a Squad Play Rank bonus for breaking Lockout or completing the Timed Bonus Capture event.
  • Removed the Ranking bonus for killing a squad when killing an enemy.
  • Added a message on the HUD when Lockdown is no longer possible during the game (appears again if Lockdown conditions are met when it is not available).
  • Control: Scoreboard moved to inventory as first tab. The scoreboard button has been changed to be the same as the inventory button on the respawn screen.
  • Arenas: The scoreboard has been moved to the second inventory tab and new player tracking information has been added (assists and crafting materials), as well as rounds won by the team.
  • Scoreboard added as spectator tab in Arena mode
  • Scoreboard added as a tab at the end of the game for Arena and Control modes
  • Updated the icon and UI position of shields that regenerate on HUD to stay above the player’s unit frame


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to throw grenades or use Ash’s ultimate ability to enter through a hole in the Armories roof collision meshes (hotfix).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented hoisting up after using the teleporter under the Armory (fix).
  • Prevents Tridents from landing on Armories.
  • Removed Gold-grade loot from Wave 8.
  • Reduced the chance of hop-up props spawning in the smart loot system. Base hop-up attachment drop rate is now 50% and Gold hop-up attachment drop rate has been reduced to 20%.
  • Smart loot is no longer generated for teammates outside of the Armory.



  • R-301 and Rampage weapons can no longer be crafted and have been added to floor loot.
  • The Wingman and CAR submachine gun can now be crafted and have been removed from floor loot.


  • Now weapons and abilities will only stow into an out of bounds trigger when the player is down (the out of bounds meter will continue to scroll).

Bow Bocek

  • By default, the optics of the Gold version will be the Ranger 3X.


  • Can now use decoys when redeploying Valkyrie’s Freefall.


  • Emergency resuscitation
    • Moved revive cancel option from Lifeline to player being revived.
  • Doctor drone DOC
    • Healing resources changed from 150 to infinite (lasts another 20s).
    • Healing range has been doubled.
  • Support package
    • Reduced reload time from 5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.
    • The weapon accessory panel now has one shield battery instead of two shield cells.
    • There is no longer a blue beam on the initial drop (it will still appear after the support pack lands).


  • Fixed some final rings ending in healing zone.


  • Fixed some final rings ending in healing zone.


  • Fixed some final rings ending in healing zone.
  • Rings tuned for more balanced dispersion across the map.


Reset This reset is lighter

  • Reset to 13.1: 6 → 4 divisions

Access cost Reduced access cost

  • -10 CP for all divisions and levels.

Decreasing kill values:

More CP for a high kill count

Currently, the first three kills earn you roughly 100% of the points. The next three kills are now only around 80%, and the next around 20%. We are changing this system so that each squad is worth around 20% less, while maintaining a minimum of 20%. So winning teams with a lot of eliminations will have between 40 and 60 CP more.


  • Crypto can now scan topographic beacons with his drone while on the Trident.
  • Fixed a bug where Newcastle could get stuck in the air for a few seconds using his ultimate ability while trapped by Ash’s tactical ability.
  • Fixed a bug relating to Newcastle where players could instantly refill his revive shield by throwing a KO shield and picking it up.
  • Fixed a Newcastle bug that prevented players from reloading when the “Destroy the Wall” message was on screen.
  • Fixed a bug related to Newcastle where his ultimate ability deployment was taking longer than intended.
  • Fixed cases where Legends [Newcastle/Seer] could enter locked hideouts by placing a Totem on the Mobile Shield.
  • Fixed a bug where Wraith could create a portal during Revenant’s ultimate and cause the portal to appear next to the totem after being knocked back
  • Added audio effect for Newcastle when entering a Trident.
  • Fixed a UI bug that prevented Legend information from displaying in the Shooting Range.
  • Fixed IMC Armory for situations where players could camp and block locations that weren’t intended with Wraith Portals and Tridents.
  • [PS5] : Fixed a bug preventing a player’s friends list from updating correctly after putting the console into rest mode.
  • Fixed cases where some larger Legends could not enter containers on Storm Zone when approaching it quickly from a certain angle.
  • Fixed cases where the Rampage/Sentinel charge animation was visible, but the weapon would not charge while aiming down sights.
  • Fixed cases of Bloodhound and Seer scans persisting after the user exits the game.
  • [Caustic] : Fixed a bug where players could still see the enemy’s red highlight when in or behind the gas they deployed.
  • The blood splatter visual effect no longer appears when Ash is hit.
  • Fixed cases where the Amplify UI persists after Seer uses his Heart Catcher passive ability.
  • [Mode Contrôle] : Fixed a bug allowing the enemy team to continue a capture point’s progress without having to flip or cancel the opposing team’s progress.
  • [Mode Contrôle] : Fixed a UI bug where the dropped game penalty was actually longer than the display warned.
  • [Mode Contrôle] : Fixed a bug where picking up a weapon in Control would always show a full magazine.
  • Fixed cases where players appeared to retain their Heat Grenade after equipping it while using it on an Explosive Cache.
  • [PS4 Pro/Xbox One X] : Fixes to improve in-game framerate issues in certain areas of Olympus.
  • [PS4] : Fixed to improve performance issues in grassy areas on Olympus.

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