AOC released the new flagship monitor of AGON PRO: 2K 300Hz mini LED, HDR1000

IT House News on January 5th, today, AOC released the new flagship AG274QGM monitor of AGON PRO, 27-inch 2K 300Hz, officially claimed to be the first mini LED gaming monitor equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE and NVIDIA Reflex delay analyzer.

Officially, AGON PRO’s new flagship product AG274QGM uses the new NVIDIA G-SYNC processor, which not only provides players with a cooler gaming experience in such competitive games, including realistic HDR, high dynamic contrast, and movie-level colors. , And the delay to the low game effect. At the same time, the NVIDIA Reflex delay analyzer built into the NVIDIA G-SYNC monitor is equipped with peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse that also supports the NVIDIA Reflex delay analyzer technology, which can help players capture the system delay from clicking the mouse to the screen display, and Observe the system delay value in real time and make adjustments accordingly to enjoy the winning advantage in the game.

AGON PRO’s new flagship e-sports product, AG274QGM, is tailor-made for professional players and gamers striving for victory. It has a high refresh rate of 300Hz and a 1ms GtG response time. AG274QGM adopts a new generation of IPS fast LCD panel, which supports 2K HD resolution while having a refresh rate of up to 300Hz. Officially, this is the ceiling of the combination of high frame rate and high resolution on the market. This display also uses the new Mini LED backlight technology, up to 576 dimmable zones, so that the display can easily obtain VESA Display HDR 1000 certification.

IT Home learned that the AGON PRO AG274QGM monitor will be listed in China in July.