announced and already available, first trailer in 4K

This weekend’s leaks were right, Bohemia Interactive is indeed working on two ArmA games. The first is none other than ArmA 4 and which will finally give a follow-up to the 3rd episode released in 2013 (already!) and the second is called ArmA Reforger and it will allow us to wait until the release of the previous one detailed above . It is actually a “test and feedback” episode that will allow developers to collect feedback from players on certain features deployed and which will be integrated into ArmA later. So, to be as efficient as possible, the studio has made this ArmA Reforger available now through Early Access (€29.99 all the same) which can be retrieved on Steam. However, there is some context for players to feel that they have not only purchased a simple beta test demo, and the game will take us to the island of Everon in 1989. This will be an opportunity to test the studio’s new engine, the Enfusion Engine, which we had already seen in December 2021.

On the content side, Arma Reforger offers a multiplayer mode, “Conflict”, where you will have to compete to take control of Everon. In addition to the battles to be fought at the front, you also have to manage all the war strategy, build defenses and capture strategic areas to be in domination on the map. There is also the “Game Master” mode which uses the mechanics of ArmA 3’s Zeus mode, where you play a game master capable of making enemies, vehicles and others appear to amuse your friends. Come on, enough blabla, place for the announcement video.